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Most college courses have reading, writing, or math prerequisite; some courses have more than one. See codes to the left of the course section number. A legend appears below. You must prove proficiency in the required skills with:

  1. a passing score on ACC's assessment test;
  2. a passing TASP or COMPASS test score; or
  3. exemption from assessment through transcripted hours from another college or appropriate ACT, SAT, or TAAS scores.
Students not meeting prerequisites are subject to automatic withdrawal from a class.

Courses with course prerequisites have a plus (+) before the section number. You must provide proof of this prerequisite (grade slip, transcript, etc.) at the first class meeting. Prerequisites are listed in the ACC Catalog. Without proof you will be dropped from the class.

To find an Open Campus course (OPC) taught by telecommunications, look at the beginning of the listing for that discipline. The following abbreviations are types of OPC courses:



Although not required, it is recommended that students have a basic understanding of business from prior courses or work experiences before registering for ACCT 2301. Please see course description in the catalog. To enroll in ACCT 2302, you must have earned a grade of C or better in ACCT 2301. Not all ACCT courses are accepted as accounting courses by the State Board of Public Accountancy. You may access additional information at
FIRST 8 WEEK SESSION => August 25, 1999 THRU October 19, 1999
ACCT 2301 Principles of Financial Accounting (ACC 1623)
 1 R   [ 20/ 21] 03015 Lec 012 NRG NRG4 4249  TH      12:00pm- 2:40pm    Staff
                       Lab     NRG NRG4 4207  TH      11:00am-11:50am
11 R   [  9/ 20] 07183 Lec 038 PIN PIN1 505   MW      12:00pm- 2:40pm OH Driskill, Rachel
                       Lab     PIN PIN1 309   MW       2:50pm- 3:40pm

16 WEEK SESSION => August 25, 1999 THRU December 15, 1999
ACNT 1331 Federal Income Tax: Individual (ACC 2023)
Note to all students enrolling in accounting classes ACNT 1331, ACNT 1347, ACNT 2303, ACNT 2304, ACNT 2309, ACNT 2372, ACNT 2373, ACNT 2391, and BNKG 1356 -- bring the text to the first class meeting. Also, complete the first class assignment before the first class meeting. Information about the course, instructor, text and first class assignment can be obtained at or by calling 223-4800.
c    + [ 24/ 24] 03061 Lec 001 RGC MAIN 341   T        5:40pm- 8:20pm OH Pumphret, James M

ACNT 1347 Federal Income Tax Partnership & Corp. (ACC 2513)
c    + [ 24/ 24] 03073 Lec 001 NRG NRG4 4250  W        7:05pm- 9:45pm OH Doss, James C

BNKG 1356 Analyzing Financial Statements (ACC 2143)
BNKG 1356 qualifies as an accounting course for the CPA exam.
13   + [ 19/ 32] 03072 Lec 001 RVS RVSD 5003  H        6:00pm- 8:40pm OH Hagen, Paul H

ACNT 1403 Introduction to Accounting I (ACC 1524)
c  R   [ 20/ 20] 07586 Lec 002 EVC 3000 3217  TH       8:00am- 9:20am    Staff
                       Lab     EVC 2000 2212  TH       9:35am-10:50am

After each discipline heading, there may be information about courses or about the discipline. Please pay close attention to this information.
The coruse listings are divided into various sections. In this example, the Sessions (Terms) are given in bold for the courses which follow.
The actual course listings are preceeded by the course number, the course title, and a prior course number. The prior course number in parenthesis indicates the equivalent course number used prior to the Fall 1999 semester.
The columns from left to right on the course schedule are read as follows:
  1. The first column indicates the current status of the course. If the section is open, then the number indicates the remaining SEATS AVAILABLE. A small "c" in the first column indicates a CLOSED section which is currently filled and a small "x" indicates a CANCELLED class which is no longer offered.
  2. Prerequisite codes (See the Prerequisite Legend for a description of these codes)
  3. Number of students enrolled and the maximun class limit are given in brackets.
  4. Unique Course Synonym Number
  5. Course Delivery Method (Lecture, Lab, etc.)
  6. Course Suffix
  7. Teaching Location (See Location Legend for addresses and phone numbers of each location)
  8. Building & Room Number
  9. Class Days (H = Thursday; U = Sunday; TBA = To Be Arranged)
  10. Class Meeting Time
  11. Office Hour information for the instructor
  12. Instructor (Linked to the Instructor's instructional web page, if available)
NOTE: The course number is linked to the ACC catalog description for that course. Please refer to the course description for information about the content of the course. If the instructor has a web page, it is linked to their name.

Corequisite Courses
A corequisite course is one that must be taken at the same time as another course. For example, CHM 1614 (Introduction to Chemistry - Lecture) and CHM 1614 (Introduction to Chemistry - Lab) are corequisites. If you take one, you must take the other. When registering by telephone, if the course you choose is not accepted as the corequisite, consult the ACC Catalog or an advisor for the correct corequisite.

Prerequisite Legend
+ - Course Prerequisite
# - Capstone
A - Reading & Special Approval
B - Reading & Math
D - Reading, Math, & Special Approval
E - Reading & Writing
G - Reading, Writing & Math
I - Reading, Writing & Special Approval
J - Writing & Math
K - Writing & Special Approval
N - Math, Writing, & Special Approval
O - Reading, Writing, Math, & Special Approval
P - Special Approval
R - Reading
S - Math
Y - Math & Special Approval
Z –Writing

Prerequisite Courses
A plus (+) sign before the section number means the course has a prerequisite. If you are unsure of the prerequisite, see the ACC Catalog or ask a counselor or advisor. If you register for a course with a prerequisite, at the first class meeting you must show credit for that prerequisite with a grade report or transcript. Otherwise, you will be dropped from the course.

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