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HIPAA Task Force Committee
Scheduled Meetings

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Meeting DateMeeting AgendasMeeting Minutes (Minutes Status)
October 9, 2014AgendaMinutes (Draft)
November 7, 2013AgendaMinutes (Final)
March 29, 2013AgendaMinutes (Final)
November 15, 2012AgendaMinutes (Final)
February 23, 2012AgendaMinutes (Final)
November 10, 2011AgendaMinutes (Final)
February 23, 2011AgendaMinutes (Final)
November 9, 2010AgendaMinutes (Final)
February 23, 2010AgendaMinutes (Final)
October 15, 2009AgendaMinutes (Final)
March 4, 2009AgendaMinutes (Final)
November 20, 2008AgendaMinutes (Final)
April 16, 2008AgendaMinutes (Final)
July 9, 2007AgendaMinutes (Final)
February 21, 2007AgendaMinutes (Final)
October 9, 2006AgendaMinutes (Final)
May 4, 2006AgendaMinutes (Final)
April 11, 2006AgendaMinutes (Final)
March 21, 2006AgendaMinutes (Final)
January 10, 2006AgendaMinutes (Final)
November 8, 2005AgendaMinutes (Final)
October 11, 2005AgendaMinutes (Final)
July 22, 2005AgendaMinutes (Final)
June 10, 2005AgendaMinutes (Final)
March 24, 2005AgendaMinutes (Final)
January 20, 2005AgendaMinutes (Final)
September 9, 2004AgendaMinutes (Draft)
June 10, 2004AgendaMinutes (Draft)
February 12, 2004AgendaUnavailable
November 13, 2003AgendaMinutes (Draft)
October 9, 2003AgendaMinutes (Final)
September 11, 2003AgendaMinutes (Draft)
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