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Form Number Form Name
ADED.001Monthly Site Report
ADED.002Monthly Class Roster Report
ADED.003Student Sign-In Sheet
ADED.004Participant Outcome and Achievement Adult Education Program
ADED.005Adult Education Program--Student Information
ADRE.001Transcript Request
ADRE.002Enrollment Verification Request
ADRE.003Residency Information
ADRE.004Diploma Order
ADRE.005Student Data Change
ADRE.006Proof of Texas Residency by Dependency
ADRE.008Teacher Initiated Request for Reinstatement
ADRE.010Right To an Academic Fresh Start Agreement
ADRE.011Marketable Skills Award Certificate Order
ADRE.012Transfer Credit Evaluation Request
ADRE.013Request for CLEP Credit
ADRE.014Graduation Application
ADRE.015Foreign Education Credential Verification
ADRE.016Record of Credit for Military Training and Education Accepted by ACC
ADRE.017Notice of Missing Admission Credential(s)
ADRE.018Affidavit of Residents Living off Earnings, Homemakers or Self Employed
ADRE.019Transcript Release Form
ADRE.023Record of Course Substitutions and Waivers
ADRE.024Grade Change Request
ADRE.025Course Challenge Form
ADRE.026Early Completion Report
ADRE.027Record of Transfer Credits
ADRE.028Copy of College Credit Documents Request
ADRE.029Enrollment on a Temporary Basis
ADRE.032Registrar’s Waiver
ADRE.033Schedule Change Form
ADRE.050Statement of Financial Support
ADRE.051International Transfer IN
ADRE.052Transfer OUT Release
ADRE.053ECS Non-Citizen Student Data
ADRE.054Supplemental Application for International Student
ADRE.055Senate Bill 1528 Student Data
ADRE.058Emergency Contact Information
ADRE.059Request to Withhold Directory Information
ADRE.062Student Reference Request (FERPA Release and Release of Liability)
ADRE.063Affidavit of Residential Address
ADRE.064Compass Ticket One Part
ADRE.065Compass Ticket, Two Parts
ADRE.066SEVIS Requirements for Students in F or M Status
ADRE.067I-20 Extension Request Procedures.
ADRE.068I-20 Extension Request Form
ADRE.069Reduced Course Load Request
ADRE.070Medical Reduced Course Load Authorization Request
ADRE.071College Credit for Heroes Application
ASSE.001Assessment Intake Form
AUTE.001Automotive Technology Repair/Work Order
AUTE.002Auto Body Repair Technology Repair/Work Order
AVPA.001Student Advising (For Faculty Use)
AVPA.002Report of Incomplete Grade
AVPA.003Class Limit Overload Request
AVPS.001Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)
AVPS.002Performance Improvement Agreement (PIA)
AVPW.001Informal (Unofficial) Class Transfer Request
AVPW.002Conversion Approval of Continuing Education Credit Contact Hours to College Credit Hours; Con. Ed. Credit to College Credit Equivalency Guide; Student
BUSE.001.2015Travel Expense Report (formerly Out-of-District Travel Reimbursement Report) Calendar year 2015.
BUSE.002Cash Collection Site Request
BUSE.005Request for Petty Cash Reimbursement
BUSE.006Off-Cycle Pay Request Form
BUSE.007Theft or Loss Report
BUSE.008Property Management -- Loan
BUSE.009Property Custodian Authorization
BUSE.010Monthly Mileage Report
BUSE.011Property Management Move Form
BUSE.012ACC General Stores Purchase Order
BUSE.013Business Card Order
BUSE.014TRANSMITTAL Miscellaneous Funds
BUSE.015Contract for Tuition Installment Payments
BUSE.016Administrative Services Council Rule and Guidelines/Procedures Submission
BUSE.019Employee Request For Emergency Fund
BUSE.020MarketPlace uStore Request
BUSE.021Tuition Reimbursement Report
BUSE.022Cashier's office proxy authorization
CAMA.001On-Campus Duplication Services Request
CAMA.002Cancelled Class Notice
CAMA.003Late Notice
CAMA.004Notice of Room Change
CAMA.005Building Services Request
CAMA.006Request for Use of College Facilities by Internal or External Groups
CAPO.001Parking Permit Fee Refund Request
CAPO.002Vehicle Assistance Authorization
CAPO.004Annual Crime Report
CAPO.005Criminal Case Disposition
CAPO.006Criminal History Log
CAPO.007Criminal Trespass Notice
CAPO.008Electronic Access Card Application
CAPO.009Field Training Checklist
CAPO.010Key Request
CAPO.011Lost and Found Property Log
CAPO.012Lost and Found Property Tag
CAPO.013Miranda Warning
CAPO.014Notice of Towed Vehicle
CAPO.015Notice of Warrant Service
CAPO.016Offense/Incident Report—Supplement
CAPO.017Request For Telephone Line Trace
CAPO.018Short Form Report
CAPO.021Traffic Violation Appeal Notice
CAPO.022Uniform Authorization
CAPO.023Vehicle Release
CAPO.024Vehicle Impound
CAPO.025Visitor’s Sign-In
CAPO.026Offense Report Log
CAPO.028Offense/Incident/Juvenile Report
CAPO.029Key Cut Request
CAPO.030Supply List
CAPO.031Supplement B—Offense/Incident Report
CAPO.032JP Citation
CAPO.033Radio Release
CAPO.034Citation(s)—Routing and Batching
CAPO.040Driver and Insurance Information
CAPO.042Warning Notice
CAPO.043Building Alarm Code Application
CAPO.044Request for Off-Duty Employment
CAPO.045Training Request
CAPO.046Temporary Parking Permit
CAPO.047Parking Permit Transaction by Proxy Form
CAPO.048Police Daily Shitf Patrol Unit Inspection
CAPO.049Parking Permit Request
CAPO.2010Campus Police Report 2010
COED.001Transcript &/or Duplicate Certificate Request
COED.002Continuing Education Registration
COED.004Austin Community College CE Course/Section Card
COED.005Massage Therapy Internship Intake
CRJU.001Record of Credit for Licensed Peace Officers and Licensed Corrections Officers Converted to Austin Community College Credit Courses
DILE.001Distance Learning Course Approval
DILE.002Conversion of Posted On-Campus Office Hours to Electronic Office Hours
DUPL.001Duplication Services Request
DUPL.003Request for Paper Supply
DUPL.004Request for Network Connection to DOCUTECH Printer
DUPL.005Request for Copier User Code
DUPL.006Request for Copier
FAEV.001Evaluation Summary – Full-time Faculty
FAEV.002Evaluation Summary – Adjunct Faculty
FAEV.003Supplemental Conference
FAEV.004Faculty Input
FAEV.006Annual Employee Performance Review
FAEV.007Employee Performance Review Goals and Objectives (FY07)
FAEV.012Faculty Evaluation Instructional Input Form
FAOP.001Request for Maintenance
FAOP.002GREENcar Preferred Parking Application
FIPR.001Certification Conversion
Form.001Form 001
GECE.001Core Curriculum Modification Request
GECE.002Core Curriculum Assessment Plan
GRDE.001Personnel Activity Report
HURE.002ACC Funds Transfer Authorization
HURE.003House Bill 638
HURE.004Adjunct Faculty Conditions of Employment
HURE.005New Adjunct Faculty Information
HURE.006Supplemental Check Request
HURE.007Name Change Notification
HURE.009Statement of Grievance
HURE.010Request for Level Two Review
HURE.011Level Two Review Executive Officer Decision
HURE.012Level Two Review Grievance Committee
HURE.013Adjunct Faculty Applicant Evaluation
HURE.015Employee Exit Checklist
HURE.016Family and Medical Leave Request
HURE.018Family and Medical Leave Premium Recovery Authorization
HURE.022Request for Sick Leave Pool Hours
HURE.023Compensatory Time Record
HURE.027UNUM LTD Transmittal
HURE.028ERS Transmittal Page for Premium Remittance
HURE.029Hiring Committee Membership Non-Faculty Positions
HURE.030EAP Transmittal
HURE.033Hourly Employee Information
HURE.034Certification of Physician or Practitioner for Catastrophic Illness or Injury
HURE.035Employment Interview Evaluation
HURE.036Hiring Committee Chair Checklist
HURE.037Employment Reference Check
HURE.038Temporary Assignment Pay (TAP) Recommendation
HURE.040Faculty Credential Certification
HURE.041New and Returning Adjunct Hiring Paperwork Checklist
HURE.042Request for Late Approval of eTimesheet
HURE.044Position Change & Budget Approval
HURE.045Certification of Fitness for Duty
HURE.049Employee Leave Request
HURE.050Full-Time Faculty Education Placement Update
HURE.052Authorization to Transfer Sick Leave to the Sick Leave Pool
HURE.053Authorization for Criminal History Background Check
HURE.055Faculty Committee Membership
HURE.056Interview Rating--Weighted Approach
HURE.057Interview Schedule
HURE.058Request for Specialty Advertising
HURE.059Optional Retirement Program Agreement
HURE.060Optional Retirement Program Acknowledgement
HURE.061Notice of ORP Participation
HURE.062Notice of Final Deposit and Termination of Employment for the Optional Retirement Program
HURE.064Communication Log
HURE.065Faculty Disclosure and Release
HURE.066Faculty Employment Reference Check
HURE.067ADAAA Employment of Individuals Under the American with Disabilities Act Certification of Physician or Practitioner
HURE.068Request for Mediation
HURE.069Non-Faculty Employee Educational Recognition Award Application
HURE.071Grievance Extension Request
HURE.073Application for Employment
HURE.074Austin Community College Beneficiary Designation Form
HURE.075Faculty Supplemental Information Form
HURE.076Payroll Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposit
HURE.077ACCMPP Money Purchase Plan Distribution Election
HURE.078ACCMPP - Money Purchase Plan Designation of Beneficiary
HURE.079Money Purchase Plan Investment Direction Election
HURE.080Faculty Employment Interview Evaluation
HURE.081Cheers! Certificate
HURE.082Multiple Semester Term Appointment Application
HURE.083Notice to Employees Concerning Worker's Compensation in Texas
HURE.084Employee Election Concerning Workers' Compensation in Texas
HURE.086Employee Emergency Fund Payroll Deduction
HURE.087Continuing Education Instructors Employment Reference Check
HURE.089Parking Permit Payroll Deduction
HURE.090Treasurydirect Savings Bond Payroll Authorization
HURE.091Printable Employment Verification
HURE.092Retirement Participation Information Sheet
HURE.093ACC Employee Information
INSS.001ACC Centers Faculty & Staff Information
INSS.002Program Revision / New Program Approval
INSS.004Program / Award Expiration Form
INSS.005Request for Course Capacity Adjustment
INTE.001Technology Related Investigations
INTE.002Replacement of Technology & Capital Equipment
INTE.003eStaffing Exemption Request
INTE.004Request for Laptop Instead of Desktop Computer
INTE.006ACCeStaffing Comment Form
INTE.007Datatel Department Add/Change Form
INTE.009Multiple Computer Replacement Scheduling Request
INTE.010Project Charter
INTE.011Information Technology Project Request
LELA.001Writing Referral Form
LELA.002Developmental Mathematics Lab Activity Report
LELA.005ACC Learning Labs Tutoring Referral Form
LELA.006Peer Tutor Program
LERS.001Evaluation Summary Form Full-time Faculty - Library Services
LERS.002Evaluation of Library Faculty
MARK.001Consent to Photograph/Videotape
PRDE.001Professional Development Activity Report
PROF.001Minutes Template
PURC.001Requisition Backup Sheet
PURC.004Purchasing Card Transactions Log
PURC.005Vendor Application
PURC.006Purchasing Access Request
PURC.007Sole Source Request
PURC.008Price Quotation Sheet
PURC.009User ID/Password Request for Online Office Supply Ordering
PURC.010Request for Services Agreement
PURC.011Vendor Direct Deposit Authorization
PURC.012ACC Employee/ Retiree Reimbursements Direct Deposit Authorization
PURC.013.2015Request for Travel/Travel Card (formerly Request for Travel/ Travel Advance report.) Calendar Year 2015.
RECE.002Authorization to Destroy Records / Disposition
RECE.003Records Transmittal and Records Transmittal Supplemental
RECE.008Shipping Label for use with Disposition - Authorized Records
RECE.009Records Fax Transmittal Cover Page
RECE.010Non-Record Shipping Label
RECE.011Record Shipping Label
RECE.012SAS Document Notice
RECE.014Records Inventory Form
RECE.015Forms Inventory
RECE.017Records Disposition Sign-Off Sheet
REDE.002ACC Foundation Payroll Deduction Authorization
REDE.003Credit Card Donation Authorization
REDE.004In-Kind Donation
RIIN.002Hazard Communication Training Record
RIIN.003Supervisor's Injury and Illness Analysis and Prevention Report
RIIN.004Student Accident Claim
RIIN.005ACC Indoor Air Quality
RIIN.006Hazardous Waste Pickup Request
RIIN.007Fire Protection System Shutdown Request
RIIN.008ACC Approved Driver Application
RIIN.009Workarea Chemical Inventory
RIIN.010Maintenance / Repair Shop Self-Inspection
RIIN.011General Self-Inspection
RIIN.012ACC New employee safety Training Record
RIIN.013Safety Training Attendance Record
RIIN.014Report of Hazard, Unsafe or Unhealthful Condition
RIIN.015Laboratory Self-Inspection Program Summary
RIIN.016Departmental/Divisional Safety Committee Meeting Documentation
RIIN.017Biological Waste and Sharps Request for Disposal
SCRE.002Credit-In-Escrow Request
SCRE.004Dual Credit Co-Enrollment Approval and Tuition Voucher.
SCRE.006Early College High School Approval and tuition voucher
SCRE.007Credit In Escrow Request Approval
SCRE.009ECS & ACCTech Non-Citizen Student Data Form
SOSC.001Student Service Learning Release
SOSC.002Student Responsibilities, Guidelines, and Restrictions, Service Learning
STAC.010Constitution Template
STAC.011Bylaws Template for Clubs
STAC.017Office of Student Life Instructional Evaluation
STAC.018Office of Student Life Activity/Event Evaluation
STAS.001.20152015 Summer Financial Aid Application
STAS.003.13142013-2014 General Scholarship Application
STAS.004.13142013-2014 Special Condition - Dependent
STAS.004.14152014-2015 Special Condition - Dependent
STAS.004.15162015-2016 Special Condition - Dependent
STAS.005.13142013-2014 Special Condition - Independent
STAS.005.14152014-2015 Special Condition - Independent
STAS.005.15162015-2016 Special Condition - Independent
STAS.007.13142013-14 Dependent Verification Worksheet
STAS.007.14152014-15 Dependent Verification Worksheet
STAS.007.15162015-16 Dependent Verification Worksheet
STAS.008.13142013-2014 Independent Verification Worksheet
STAS.008.14152014-15 Independent Verification Worksheet
STAS.008.15162015-16 Independent Verification Worksheet
STAS.009.14152014-15 Student Loan Request Fall/Spring
STAS.009.15162015-16 Student Loan Request Fall/Spring
STAS.012.13142013-14 Verification of Household Size
STAS.012.14152014-2015 Verification of Household Size
STAS.012.15162015-2016 Verification of Household Size
STAS.013.13142013-14 Dependency Override Request
STAS.013.14152014-15 Dependency Override Request
STAS.013.15162015-16 Dependency Override Request
STAS.015Sponsored Student Application for Short Term Assistance
STAS.018.13142013-14 Non tax filer statement SB1528
STAS.018.14152014-15 Non tax filer statement SB1528
STAS.030College Work-Study Employee Requisition (America Counts Tutor)
STAS.031College Work-Study Employee Requisition (America Reads Tutor)
STAS.032College Work-Study Employee Requisition (Classroom Assistant)
STAS.033College Work-Study Employee Requisition (Lab Assistant)
STAS.034College Work-Study Employee Requisition (Office Assistant)
STAS.035College Work-Study Employee Requisition (OSD Assistant)
STAS.036College Work-Study Employee Requisition (Peer Admissions Assistant)
STAS.037College Work-Study Employee Requisition (Peer Advising/Orientation Assistant)
STAS.038College Work-Study Employee Requisition (Peer Financial Aid Assistant)
STAS.039College Work-Study Employee Requisition (Student Ambassador)
STAS.040College Work-Study Employee Requisition (Teaching Assistant)
STAS.044.13142013-2014 Student Asset Information
STAS.044.14152014-2015 Student Asset Information
STAS.044.15162015-2016 Student Asset Information
STAS.045Financial Aid Information Release
STAS.046Information Required when Referring Student Overpayments to Borrower Services - Collections
STAS.046.1213Information Required when Referring Student Overpayments to Borrower Services - Collections
STAS.047Student Emergency Fund
STAS.050.15162015-16 TPEG/ Continuing Education Grant Application
STAS.053Financial Aid Appeal - Maximum Time
STAS.054.1112TEXAS Grant or TEOG Statement of Student Eligibility
STAS.055.13142013-2014 College Connection Scholarship Application
STAS.056.20152015 Student Loan Request Summer
STAS.058.13142013-14 Statement of Educational Purpose
STAS.058.14152014-15 Statement of Educational Purpose
STAS.058.15162015-16 Statement of Educational Purpose
STAS.058S.14152014-15 Statement of Educational Purpose - Spanish
STAS.058S.15162015-16 Statement of Educational Purpose - Spanish
STAS.059Preparatory Coursework Agreement
STAS.060.13142013-14 Non tax filer statement
STAS.060.14152014-15 Non tax filer statement
STAS.060.15162015-16 Non tax filer statement
STAS.061Financial Aid Unusual Enrollment Appeal
STAS.062.14152014-15 Financial Aid Adjustment Form
STAS.062.15162015-16 Financial Aid Adjustment Form
STAS.064.14152014 -2015 Parent Refusal Form
STAS.064.15162015-2016 Parent Refusal Form
STAS.065.14152014-15 Household Resources Verification
STAS.065.15162015-16 Verification of Resources & Expenses
STAS.066.14152014-15 Loan Discharge Statement
STAS.066.15162015-16 Loan Discharge Statement
STDE.001Special Testing Accommodations Request
STSE.001Application for Services--OSD
STSE.003Student Proxy Authorization
STSE.006Special Waiver--Ability to Benefit
STSE.009Information Release Form
STSE.010Agreement to Purchase Class Notes
STSE.013Student Complaint
STSE.014Consent for Release of Confidential Information
STSE.015Evaluation of Counseling Faculty (Counselor)
STSE.016Counselor Self Evaluation
STSE.017Facilitator Summary
STSE.020Counselor Service Evaluation
STSE.021Evaluation of Counseling Faculty (Dean)
STSE.022Workshop/Session Evaluation
STSE.023Workshop/Session Observation
STSE.024Career Plan
STSE.026Statement of Shelter Agreement
STSE.027Student Discipline
STSE.028Student Request to Exceed Course Load
STSE.030Request for a Formal Review of a Final Course Grade
STSE.032Student Information
STSE.033Student Referral
STSE.034Student Progress Analysis
STSE.035Confidentiality Agreement
STSE.037Student Enrollment Action
STSE.038Alternative Options for Remediation
STSE.041Austin Community College Assessment Centers Ticket Distribution Form for the T-Compass/T-Assset Test
STSE.043Assessment Center Ticket Request Form for the T-Compass/T-Assset Test
STSE.044Refund Request for Assessment Test
STSE.049Counseling Session Evaluation
STSE.050Schedule Planning Worksheet
STSE.051Counseling Session (Dean's Evaluation)
STSE.052New Staff Member Orientation: Dean of Student Services
STSE.053New Staff Member Orientation: Counselor
STSE.054New Staff Member Orientation: Professional Technical
STSE.055New Staff Member Orientation: Classified Staff
STSE.058Evaluation of Counseling Faculty Procedures
STSE.059Evaluation Process - Non-Instructional Faculty
STSE.060Notice of Approved Accommodations Request for Assessment Testing
STSE.062Interpreter Request Form
STSE.063.14152014-15 Biotech, Physical, & Environment Science Scholarship Application
STSE.064Test Proctor Security Agreement
STSE.065TSI Assessment / ESOL Waiver
STSE.066ESOL Assessment Intake
STSE.067TSI Official Score Report and Release
STSE.068.14152014-15 T-STEM Scholarship Application
STSE.069C2STEM Transitions Grant Scholarship Application
SUCE.001Support Center Voucher
SUCE.002Application for ACC Support Center Services, 2009-2010
SUST.001Acknowledgement of Receipt of Green Pass
SUST.002Green Pass User Fee Refund Request
SUST.004Green Pass Transaction by Proxy form
SUST.005Green Car Permit Transaction by Proxy Form
TECE.001Testing Center Transmittal Form
TECE.002Departmental Notification of Test Sharing
TECE.003Test Request
TECE.004Academic Integrity Report
TECE.005Batch Scoring Transmittal
VEAF.004Course Substitution
VEAF.005VA In-Processing Check List
VTAF.005VA In-Processing Check List
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