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2009-2010 Continuing Education Catalog
Business & Industry Institute (BI)
     Business & Industry (CEBUS)  
  ACC Entrepreneur's Institute (CEAEI)
  Accounting/Bookkeeping Series (CEACC)
  Administrative Assistant (CEAAS)
  Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Continuing Education (CERAC)
  Auto / Outdoor Power Equipment Repair (CEARE)
  Auto Emissions Repair (CEAUT)
  Building Construction Technology (CEBCT)
  Business Development General (CEBSG)
  Business Management (CEBMG)
  Business Startup (CEBSU)
  CPE for CPA's (CECPE)
  Child Care and Development (CECCD)
  Corporate Training (CECOR)
  Economic Geology (CEGEO)
  Electronics & Advanced Technologies (CEEAT)
  Insurance and Risk Management (CERMG)
  International Business Institute (CEIES)
  Management Courses (CEMSD)
  Marketing Series (CEMSB)
  Motorcycle (CEMTC)
  Professional Flight Training (CEPFT)
  Professional Travel and Tourism (CEPTT)
  Public Utilities (CEFIR)
  Radio-TV-Film (CERTF)
  Real Estate (CEREL)
  Real Estate: Apartment Management (CEAPT)
  Renewable Energy (CEREN)
  Safety Programs (CEOSR)
  Sign Language (CESLA)
  Sommelier (CESOM)
  Spanish for the Workplace (CESWP)
  Technical Communications (CETEC)
  Translators and Interpreters (CETRI)
  Transportation Operator (CETRD)
  Volunteer Management Academy (CEVOL)
  Welding (CEWDG)
Community Programs (CP)
     Community Programs (CEPDV)  
  Arts and Crafts (CEACR)
  Assessment Test Preparation (CEATP)
  Aviation (CEAVI)
  Bridge Program (CESBA)
  Culinary Arts (CERES)
  Dance Classes (CEDAN)
  Drama (CEACT)
  Driving Safety (CEDSC)
  English for Speakers of Other Languages (CEESL)
  Event Planning (CEEVP)
  Financial Management (CEFIN)
  Floral Design (CEFLR)
  Home and Garden (CEHGN)
  Horticulture and Landscape Design (CEHOR)
  Image Consulting Training (CEIMG)
  Institute of Language and Culture (CELAC)
  Interior Design Institute (CEIND)
  Irrigation Seminars (CEIRR)
  Music (CEMUS)
  Notary Public (CENPU)
  Personal Enrichment (CEPRG)
  Photography (CEPGH)
  Professional Development (CEPRD)
  Recreation and Sports (CEPFR)
  Sewing (CESEW)
  Travel and Tourism (CETRA)
  Trips and Tours (CEADV)
  Upholstery (CEUPH)
  Wedding Planning Institute (CEWPI)
  Writing and Fine Arts Academy (CEWRI)
Health Professions Institute (HP)
     Health Professions (CEHEA)  
  Activity Director Certificates (CENHM)
  Addictions Counseling in the Criminal Justice System Certificate (CECJA)
  Advanced Life Saving (CEALS)
  Aesthetic Laser Training (CELSR)
  Alternative Healing/Medicine (CEALT)
  Animal Caretaker (CEANC)
  Biotechnology (CEBIT)
  CPR Programs (CECTR)
  Clinical Acute Care Skills (CECTH)
  Dental - Continuing Education (CEDCD)
  Dental Assisting Continuing Education (CEDAC)
  Dental Assisting Program (CEDAP)
  Diagnostic Medical Imaging - Radiology (CERAD)
  Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Programs (CEEMS)
  First Aid Health & Occupational Safety (CEFAS)
  General Healthcare Courses (CEAHC)
  Health Information Technician (CEMCO)
  Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (CECHE)
  Massage Therapy Continuing Education (CEMA2)
  Massage Therapy Day Classes (CEMAS)
  Massage Therapy Evening Classes (CEMA1)
  Medical Assistant- Clinical (CEMOA)
  Medical Assistant–Administrative (CEMAA)
  Medical Coding Specialist Certificate (CECSC)
  Medical Insurance Billing Certificate (CEMOB)
  Medical Laboratory Technology - Phlebotomy Technician Program (CEMLT)
  Medical Office Management Courses (CEMOS)
  Medical Terminology (CEMTR)
  Medical Transcription Certificate (CETRN)
  Medication Aide Permit (CEMAI)
  Molecular Diagnostics (CEMOD)
  NAIT Eyeglass Program (CEEYE)
  Nurse Aide Certification (CENAI)
  Nursing - Continuing Education (CENSG)
  Nursing Update & Review (CENRV)
  Online Allied Healthcare (CEOAH)
  Online Coding & Courses (CECBT)
  Ophthalmic Assisting (CEOPT)
  Optician Dispensing-Eyeglasses (CEODE)
  Personal Fitness Trainer (CEHKI)
  Pharmacy Technician Continuing Education (CEPT1)
  Pharmacy Technician (CEPTC)
  Sonography (CEDMI)
  Veterinary Assistant Certificate (CEVMO)
  Veterinary Assistants/Technicians Continuing Education (CEVM1)
  VoCAT Program for Students with Disabilities (CEVOC)
     Independent Study (CEISP)  
  Acute Care Skills (CEACS)
  Disease (CEDIS)
  Drugs (CEDRU)
  End Life Care (CEEND)
  Issues (CEISS)
  Skills (CESKP)
High Technology Institute (HT)
     Computer Training Programs (CECOM)  
  Computer Applications Full Day Classes (CEAC8)
  Computer Applications (CECMA)
  MS Office Series (CEMOF)
  Network and Server Security (CESEC)
  Online Computer Courses (CECOL)
  Summer ACC Youth Programs (CESHL)
  Visual Communications and Desktop Publishing (CEELP)
     Technical Certification Programs (CETCP)  
  ASQ Certification (CEASQ)
  Apple (CEAPL)
  Business Analyst (CEBSA)
  Cisco Networking Academy (CECIS)
  Fiber Optics (CEFOT)
  IBM Certifications (CEIBM)
  Information Security (CESSP)
  Linux/UNIX Certification (CELIX)
  Localization Certifications (CELOC)
  Microsoft Client Certifications (CEDST)
  Microsoft Exchange Server (CEMCS)
  Microsoft SQL Server Certifications (CEMCD)
  Microsoft Server Certifications (CEWIN)
  Oracle Certifications (CEORC)
  PC Technician Certifications (CEAOL)
  Project Management (CEPJM)
  Sun Solaris Certifications (CESUN)
  VMware (CEVMR)
  Video Game Development (CEGAM)
     Webmaster (CEWEB)  
  Microsoft .NET Framework with ASP.NET (CENET)
  Programming Languages (CEPRO)
  Web Applications and Special Topics (CEAPS)
  Web Authoring and Website Design (CEDES)
  Web Graphics and Visual Design (CEGRA)
Teacher Certification (TC)
     Teacher Certification (CETEA)  
  Instructional Aides (CEINA)
  Professional Development Courses (CEEDU)
  Substitute Teacher Training (CESTT)
  Teacher Certification Courses and Fees (CETCN)