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Business Studies Elective
1Students must select courses from Accounting, Business Administration, Finance, International Business, Management or Marketing departments.

    ACCT-2301 Principles of Accounting I - Financial
    ACCT-2302 Principles of Accounting II - Managerial
    ACNT-1303 Introduction to Accounting I
    ACNT-1311 Introduction to Computerized Accounting
    ACNT-1325 Principles of Accounting I
    ACNT-1329 Payroll and Business Tax Accounting
    ACNT-1331 Federal Income Tax: Individual
    ACNT-1347 Federal Income Tax Partnerships and Corporations
    ACNT-1370 Accounting Ethics
    ACNT-1371 Business Applications in Accounting
    ACNT-1372 Accounting Theory
    ACNT-1391 Special Topics in Accounting
    ACNT-1392 Special Topics in Accounting Technician
    ACNT-1393 Special Topics in Taxation
    ACNT-1403 Introduction to Accounting I
    ACNT-1404 Introduction to Accounting II
    ACNT-1475 Industry Accounting
    ACNT-2303 Intermediate Accounting I
    ACNT-2304 Intermediate Accounting II
    ACNT-2309 Cost Accounting
    ACNT-2330 Government and Not-For-Profit Accounting
    ACNT-2331 Internal Control and Auditing
    ACNT-2332 Accounting Information Systems
    ACNT-2333 Advanced Accounting
    ACNT-2371 Small Business Accounting
    ACNT-2375 Advanced Theory and Problems in Accounting
    ACNT-2376 Financial Statement Analysis
    ACNT-2377 Advanced Auditing Concepts and Applications
    ACNT-2378 Governmental Auditing and Nonprofit Accounting
    ACNT-2379 Advanced Cost Accounting
    ACNT-2386 Internship - Accounting Technician
    ACNT-2388 Internship - Accounting
    BUSA-1313 Investments
    BUSG-1193 Special Topics in Finance, General
    BUSG-1303 Principles of Finance
    BUSG-1304 Introduction to Financial Advising: Pers onal Finance
    BUSG-1341 Small Business Financing
    RELE-1324 Loan Origination and Quality Control
    IBUS-1301 Principles of Exports
    IBUS-1302 Principles of Imports
    IBUS-1305 Introduction to International Business and Trade
    IBUS-1341 Global Supply Chain Management
    IBUS-1349 International E-Commerce Systems
    IBUS-1354 International Marketing Management
    IBUS-1366 Practicum International Business/Trade/ Commerce
    IBUS-1391 Special Topics in International Business
    IBUS-2332 Global Business Simulation
    IBUS-2335 International Business Law
    IBUS-2339 International Banking and Trade Finance
    IBUS-2341 Intercultural Management
    IBUS-2345 Import Customs Regulations
    BMGT-1347 Retail Buying
    BUSI-1311 Principles of Salesmanship
    COMM-2327 Principles of Advertising
    FSHD-1302 Introduction to Fashion
    FSHD-1308 Fashion Trends
    FSHN-1301 Textiles
    FSHN-1366 Practicum Fashion Merchandising
    FSHN-2301 Fashion Promotion
    FSHN-2303 Fashion Buying
    FSHN-2309 Fashion Image
    FSHN-2320 Visual Merchandising
    FSHN-2388 Internship Fashion Merchandising
    FSHN-2389 Internship Fashion Merchandising
    LMGT-1319 Introduction to Business Logistics
    MRKG-1301 Customer Relationship Management
    MRKG-1302 Principles of Retailing
    MRKG-1311 Principles of Marketing
    MRKG-1313 Public Relations
    MRKG-1391 Special Topics in Business Marketing and Marketing Management
    MRKG-2312 e-Commerce Marketing
    MRKG-2333 Principles of Selling
    MRKG-2348 Marketing Research and Strategies
    MRKG-2349 Advertising and Sales Promotion
    MRKG-2371 Consumer Behavior
    MRKG-2375 Advanced Advertising Campaigns
    MRKG-2388 Internship - Marketing/Marketing Management, General
    ECON-2301 Principles of Macroeconomics
    ECON-2302 Principles of Microeconomics
    BMGT-1301 Supervision
    BMGT-1327 Principles of Management
    BMGT-1341 Business Ethics
    BMGT-1371 Sustainable/Green Business: Principles, Practices, Opportunities
    BMGT-2309 Leadership
    BMGT-2388 Internship -- Business Administration And Management, General I
    BMGT-2389 Internship -- Business Administration and Management, General II
    BUSG-1191 Special Topics in Business, General
    BUSG-2309 Small Business Management
    BUSG-2317 Business Law/Commercial
    BUSG-2371 Business Statistics
    BUSI-1301 Business Principles
    BUSI-2301 Business Law I
    HRPO-2301 Human Resource Management
    HRPO-2303 Employment Practices
    HRPO-2307 Organizational Behavior