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Electronics Elective
2An Electronics elective is any 3 or 4 semester-hour course within the Electronics and Advanced Technologies department.

    CETT-1403 DC Circuits
    CETT-1405 AC Circuits
    CETT-1425 Digital Fundamentals
    CETT-1429 Solid State Devices
    CETT-1445 Microprocessor
    CETT-1457 Linear Integrated Circuits
    SMFT-2335 Vacuum Technology
    SMFT-2474 Nanoelectronics Manufacturing Technology
    ELMT-1371 Industrial Safety and National Electrical Safety Code
    ELMT-2372 Energy Efficient Structures and Assessments
    ELMT-2441 Electromechanical Systems
    ELMT-2473 Electrical, Electronics, and Fluid Schematics
    ELMT-2474 Solar Photovoltaics Systems
    ELPT-2371 Principles of Switching and Metering
    INTC-2471 Data Acquisition and Measurement
    PTAC-2314 Principles of Quality
    RBTC-2445 Robot Application, Set-up, and Testing
    RBTC-2445 Robot Application, Set-up, and Testing
    WIND-2359 Wind Power Delivery System