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Natural Sciences
3Natural Sciences courses must have one of the following prefixes: BIOL, CHEM, GEOL, or PHYS. Students should be guided by their special interests (e.g., oceanography, environmental engineering) and by the requirements of the four-year college to which they plan to transfer.

    BIOL-1308 Biology Fundamentals
    BIOL-1309 Life on Earth
    BIOL-1322 Contemporary Issues in Nutrition
    BIOL-1323 Human Nutrition
    BIOL-1406 Cellular and Molecular Biology
    BIOL-1407 Structure and Function of Organisms
    BIOL-1408 Biology for Non-Science Majors I
    BIOL-1409 Biology for Non-Science Majors II
    BIOL-1411 General Botany
    BIOL-1413 General Zoology
    BIOL-1414 Introduction to Biotechnology
    BIOL-1415 Introduction to Biotechnology
    BIOL-1424 Native Plants
    BIOL-2106 Environmental Biology Lab
    BIOL-2116 Genetics Lab
    BIOL-2206 Environmental Biology Lecture
    BIOL-2306 Living Planet
    BIOL-2316 Genetics
    BIOL-2321 Survey of Infectious Diseases
    BIOL-2404 Introduction Human Anatomy & Physiology
    BIOL-2406 Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
    BIOL-2420 Microbiology for the Health Sciences
    BIOL-2421 Microbiology
    CHEM-1105 Introductory Chemistry I Lab
    CHEM-1111 General Chemistry I Lab
    CHEM-1112 General Chemistry II Lab
    CHEM-1305 Introductory Chemistry I Lecture
    CHEM-1311 General Chemistry I Lecture
    CHEM-1312 General Chemistry II Lecture
    CHEM-2123 Organic Chemistry I Lab
    CHEM-2125 Organic Chemistry II Lab
    CHEM-2323 Organic Chemistry I Lecture
    CHEM-2325 Organic Chemistry II Lecture
    GEOL-1301 Natural Hazards and Disasters
    GEOL-1305 Environmental Geology
    GEOL-1345 Environmental Oceanography
    GEOL-1403 Physical Geology
    GEOL-1404 Historical Geology
    GEOL-1405 Environmental Geology With Laboratory
    GEOL-1445 Introduction to Oceanography
    PHYS-1401 General College Physics I
    PHYS-1402 General College Physics II
    PHYS-1405 Conceptual Physics I
    PHYS-1407 Conceptual Physics II
    PHYS-1410 Applied Physics
    PHYS-2425 Engineering Physics I
    PHYS-2426 Engineering Physics II