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Restricted Elective
3Courses may be chosen from Hospitality Management, Culinary Arts, Travel and Tourism or Meeting Planning courses. Consult with your program advisor for options.

    HAMG-1313 Front Office Management
    HAMG-1319 Computers in Hospitality
    HAMG-1321 Introduction to the Hospitality Industry
    HAMG-1324 Hospitality Human Resources Management
    HAMG-1340 Hospitality Legal Issues
    HAMG-1342 Guest Room Management
    HAMG-1391 Special Topics in Hospitality Administration and Management
    HAMG-2301 Principles of Food and Beverage Operations-Catering
    HAMG-2305 Hospitality Management and Leadership
    HAMG-2307 Hospitality Marketing and Sales
    HAMG-2332 Hospitality Financial Management
    HAMG-2388 Internship - Hospitality Administration/ Management, General
    HAMG-2389 Internship - Hospitality Administration/ Management, General
    RSTO-1325 Purchasing for Hospitality Operations
    CHEF-1205 Sanitation and Safety
    CHEF-1301 Basic Food Preparation
    CHEF-1310 Garde Manger
    CHEF-1340 Meat Preparation and Cooking
    CHEF-1341 American Regional Cuisine
    CHEF-1345 International Cuisine
    CHEF-1371 Current Events in Culinary Arts
    CHEF-1391 Special Topics in Culinary Arts/Chef Training
    CHEF-2302 Saucier
    CHEF-2341 Advanced Culinary Competition
    IFWA-1217 Food Production and Planning
    IFWA-1319 Meat Identifying and Processing
    PSTR-1301 Fundamentals of Baking
    PSTR-1302 Cake Baking and Production
    PSTR-1305 Breads and Rolls
    PSTR-1310 Pies, Tarts, Teacakes and Cookies
    PSTR-1312 Laminated Dough, Pate a Choux, and Donuts
    PSTR-1340 Plated Desserts
    PSTR-1343 Bakery Operations and Management
    PSTR-2301 Chocolates and Confections
    PSTR-2331 Advanced Pastry Shop
    PSTR-2350 Wedding Cakes
    RSTO-1301 Beverage Management
    RSTO-1304 Dining Room Service
    RSTO-1319 Viticulture and Enology
    RSTO-2307 Catering
    TRVM-1306 Travel Automation I
    TRVM-1323 Group Tour Operations
    TRVM-1391 Special Topics in Travel and Tourism
    TRVM-2305 Travel Industry Management
    TRVM-2345 Advanced Topics in Tourism
    TRVM-2372 Sustainable Tourism
    HAMG-1317 Recreational Services
    TRVM-1327 Special Events Design
    TRVM-2301 Introduction to Convention/Meeting Management
    TRVM-2333 Applied Convention/Meeting Management
    TRVM-2355 Exposition and Trade Show Operations