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Marketing Elective
2Select a Marketing course not included in this award plan.

    BMGT-1347 Retail Buying
    BUSI-1311 Principles of Salesmanship
    FSHD-1302 Introduction to Fashion
    FSHD-1308 Fashion Trends
    FSHN-1301 Textiles
    FSHN-1366 Practicum Fashion Merchandising
    FSHN-2301 Fashion Promotion
    FSHN-2303 Fashion Buying
    FSHN-2309 Fashion Image
    FSHN-2320 Visual Merchandising
    FSHN-2388 Internship Fashion Merchandising
    FSHN-2389 Internship Fashion Merchandising
    IBUS-1354 International Marketing Management
    LMGT-1319 Introduction to Business Logistics
    MRKG-1301 Customer Relationship Management
    MRKG-1391 Special Topics in Business Marketing and Marketing Management
    MRKG-2312 e-Commerce Marketing
    MRKG-2349 Advertising and Sales Promotion
    MRKG-2375 Advanced Advertising Campaigns