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Humanities/Fine Arts
1Select from the appropriate section of the General Education Course List.

    ARAB-2311 Arabic III
    ARAB-2312 Arabic IV
    ARTS-1301 Introduction to the Visual Arts
    ARTS-1303 Art History I
    ARTS-1304 Art History II
    CHIN-2311 Chinese III
    CHIN-2312 Chinese IV
    DRAM-2367 Film History
    COMM-1335 Introduction to Radio-Television-Film
    DANC-2303 History and Appreciation of Dance
    DRAM-1310 Introduction to Theatre
    ENGL-2322 British Literature: Anglo-Saxon Through 18th Century
    ENGL-2323 British Literature: 18th Century to the Present
    ENGL-2327 American Literature: Beginnings Through Civil War
    ENGL-2328 American Literature: Civil War to the Present
    ENGL-2332 World Literature: Ancient World Through 17th Century
    ENGL-2333 World Literature: 18th Century to the Present
    ENGL-2342 Introduction to Literature I
    ENGL-2343 Introduction to Literature II
    FREN-2311 French III
    FREN-2312 French IV
    GERM-2311 German III
    GERM-2312 German IV
    HUMA-1301 Humanities: Prehistory to Renaissance
    JAPN-2311 Japanese III
    JAPN-2312 Japanese IV
    LATI-2311 Latin III
    LATI-2312 Latin IV
    MUSI-1301 Music Fundamentals
    MUSI-1306 Music Appreciation
    PHIL-1301 Introduction to Philosophy
    PHIL-1304 Introduction to Comparative Religion
    PHIL-1316 History of Eastern Religions
    PHIL-1317 History of Western Religions
    PHIL-2303 Logic
    PHIL-2306 Ethics
    RUSS-2311 Russian III
    RUSS-2312 Russian IV
    SPAN-2311 Spanish III
    SPAN-2312 Spanish IV
    SPAN-2313 Spanish III for Spanish Speakers
    SPAN-2315 Spanish IV for Spanish Speakers
    SGNL-2301 American Sign Language (ASL) III
    SGNL-2302 American Sign Language (ASL) IV
    HUMA-1302 Humanities: Renaissance to Present