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Visual Design Elective
5Students are encouraged to take related sequences of courses focusing on web design, graphics, automated drafting, and multimedia from Visual Communications or Architectural and Engineering Computer Aided Design departments.

    ARTC-1305 Basic Graphic Design
    ARTC-1310 Design Concepts
    ARTC-1353 Computer Illustration
    ARTC-1371 Color Theory for Design
    ARTC-1391 Special Topics in Graphic Design, Commercial Art and Illustration
    ARTC-1402 Digital Imaging I
    ARTC-1409 Basic Illustration
    ARTC-1413 Digital Publishing I
    ARTC-1417 Design Communication I
    ARTC-1421 Illustration Techniques I
    ARTC-1427 Typography
    ARTC-1459 Visual Design for New Media
    ARTC-1491 Special Topics in Graphic Design, Commercial Art and Illustration
    ARTC-2311 History of Communication Graphics
    ARTC-2317 Typographic Design
    ARTC-2335 Portfolio Development for Graphic Design
    ARTC-2405 Digital Imaging II
    ARTC-2413 Digital Publishing II
    ARTC-2440 Computer Illustration II
    ARTC-2447 Design Communication II
    ARTC-2472 Pre-Certification for Graphics Arts
    ARTC-2472 Pre-Certification for Graphics Arts
    ARTV-1211 Storyboard
    ARTV-1302 Introduction to Technical Animation and Rendering
    ARTV-1403 Basic Animation
    ARTV-1441 3D Animation I
    ARTV-1445 3D Modeling and Rendering I
    ARTV-1451 Digital Video
    ARTV-1472 Digital Painting
    ARTV-1473 Drawing for Animation
    ARTV-1477 Stop Motion Animation
    ARTV-1478 Advanced Animation
    ARTV-1491 Special Topics in Visual and Performing Arts
    ARTV-2271 Portfolio Workshop
    ARTV-2335 Portfolio Development for Animation
    ARTV-2370 Digital Animation Techniques
    ARTV-2374 Advanced Animation II
    ARTV-2376 Digital Animation Techniques II
    ARTV-2401 2D Animation I
    ARTV-2430 2D Animation II
    ARTV-2441 Advanced Digital Video
    ARTV-2445 3D Modeling and Rendering II
    ARTV-2451 3-D Animation II
    ARTV-2455 Character Rigging and Animation
    ARTV-2470 Digital Animation Techniques III
    ARTV-2471 3D Lighting and Surfacing
    ARTV-2473 Character Design for 2D Animation
    ARTV-2475 3D Modeling and Rendering III
    ARTV-2476 3D Animation III
    ARTV-2479 3D Animation IV
    GAME-1201 Computer Ethics
    GAME-1212 Game Theory
    GAME-1303 Introduction to Game Design and Developm ent
    GAME-1304 Level Design
    GAME-1406 Design and Creation of Games
    GAME-1434 Video Game Art I
    GAME-1472 Design Creation of Games II
    GAME-1474 Level Design II
    GAME-1475 2D Design for Games
    GAME-1476 Art Creation for Mobile Devices
    GAME-1476 Art Creation for Mobile Devices
    GAME-1494 Special Topics in Animation, Interactive Technology, Video Graphics Special Effects
    GAME-2308 Portfolio for Game Development
    GAME-2338 Game Testing
    GAME-2359 Game and Simulation Group Project
    GAME-2409 Video Game Art II
    GAME-2471 Design and Creation of Games III
    GAME-2476 Video Game Production
    GAME-2477 Technical Art Explorations
    GAME-2478 Video Game Art III
    GRPH-1359 Vector Graphics for Production
    IMED-1270 The Business of Design
    IMED-1416 Web Design I
    IMED-1441 Interface Design
    IMED-1445 Interactive Digital Media I
    IMED-1491 Special Topics in Educational/ Instructional Media Technology
    IMED-2388 Internship - Digital Communication and Media/Multimedia
    IMED-2411 Portfolio Development
    IMED-2413 Project Analysis and Design
    IMED-2415 Web Page Design II
    IMED-2459 Interactive Web Elements
    IMED-2470 User Experience Design
    IMED-2471 Component Based Design II
    MOTG-1470 Type for Digital Media
    MOTG-1471 Post Production for Digital Media
    MOTG-1472 Styleboarding
    MOTG-1473 Motion Graphics I
    MOTG-1474 Motion Design Concepts
    MOTG-2470 3D for Motion Graphics
    MOTG-2471 Motion Graphics II
    MOTG-2472 Motion Graphics Project
    MOTG-2473 Portfolio Development
    MOTG-2474 Visual Effects
    ARCE-1452 Structural Drafting
    DFTG-1402 Introduction to Technical Animation and Rendering
    DFTG-1405 Technical Drafting
    DFTG-1417 Architectural Drafting - Residential
    DFTG-1429 Electro-Mechanical Drafting
    DFTG-1433 Mechanical Drafting
    DFTG-1445 Parametric Modeling and Design
    DFTG-1458 Electrical/Electronic Drafting
    DFTG-1470 Drafting for Stormwater Management
    DFTG-1491 Special Topics in Drafting
    DFTG-1494 Special Topics in Electrical/Electronics Drafting and Electrical/Electronics CAD/CADD
    DFTG-1495 Special Topics in Mechanical Drafting and Mechanical Drafting CAD/CADD
    DFTG-2400 Intermediate Architectural Drafting - Residential
    DFTG-2402 Machine Drafting
    DFTG-2405 Printed Circuit Board Design
    DFTG-2413 Basic Integrated Circuit Design
    DFTG-2419 Intermediate Computer-Aided Drafting
    DFTG-2421 Topographical Drafting
    DFTG-2427 Landscape Drafting
    DFTG-2428 Architectural Drafting - Commercial
    DFTG-2430 Civil Drafting
    DFTG-2431 Advanced Technologies in Architectural Design and Drafting
    DFTG-2432 Advanced Computer-Aided Drafting
    DFTG-2433 Advanced Integrated Circuit Design
    DFTG-2436 Computer-Aided Drafting Programming
    DFTG-2440 Solid Modeling/Design
    DFTG-2449 CAD Management
    DFTG-2473 Introduction to CAD/CAM
    DFTG-2474 Architectural Modeling
    DFTG-2475 Water and Wastewater Drafting
    DFTG-2476 Transportation Drafting
    DFTG-2478 Civil Illustration and Animation
    MCHN-1419 Manufacturing Materials and Process