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Foreign Language
3Foreign language hours must be in the same language.

    FREN-0041 French Lab
    FREN-1300 French Conversation
    FREN-1511 French I
    FREN-1512 French II
    FREN-2311 French III
    FREN-2312 French IV
    GERM-0041 German Lab
    GERM-1300 German Conversation
    GERM-1511 German I
    GERM-1512 German II
    GERM-2311 German III
    GERM-2312 German IV
    JAPN-0041 Japanese Lab
    JAPN-1300 Japanese Conversation
    JAPN-1511 Japanese I
    JAPN-1512 Japanese II
    JAPN-2311 Japanese III
    JAPN-2312 Japanese IV
    LATI-0041 Latin Lab
    LATI-1511 Latin I
    LATI-1512 Latin II
    LATI-2311 Latin III
    LATI-2312 Latin IV
    RUSS-1511 Russian I
    RUSS-1512 Russian II
    RUSS-2311 Russian III
    RUSS-2312 Russian IV
    SPAN-0041 Spanish Lab
    SPAN-1300 Spanish Conversation
    SPAN-1511 Spanish I
    SPAN-1512 Spanish II
    SPAN-2311 Spanish III
    SPAN-2312 Spanish IV
    SPAN-2313 Spanish III for Spanish Speakers
    SPAN-2315 Spanish IV for Spanish Speakers
    ARAB-1511 Arabic I
    ARAB-1512 Arabic II
    ARAB-2311 Arabic III
    ARAB-2312 Arabic IV
    CHIN-1511 Chinese I
    CHIN-1512 Chinese II
    CHIN-2311 Chinese III
    CHIN-2312 Chinese IV