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Business and Technical Communications Elective
6Select courses from Business and Technical Communications department.

    ETWR-1372 Grammar and Style
    ETWR-1373 Government and Business Correspondence
    ETWR-1374 Graphics for Business, Government and Technical Information
    ETWR-1376 Grant Proposals and Business Plans
    ETWR-1378 Administrative Policy Writing
    ETWR-1379 Technical Communicators-Careers and Prof essionalism
    ETWR-1391 Special Topics in English Technical and Business Writing
    ETWR-1471 Social Media Tools I: Design and Implementation
    ETWR-1472 Social Media Tools II: Monitoring and Analysis
    ETWR-1474 Emerging Technologies in Social Networking
    ETWR-2364 Practicum - English Technical & Business Writing
    ETWR-2374 Online Help and Help-Authoring Tools
    ETWR-2375 Communicating Data and Statistical Information
    ETWR-2377 Advanced Business Communication Technical Information
    ETWR-2379 Editing Government, Business and Technical Information
    ETWR-2471 Technical Publications With Adobe InDesign
    ETWR-2472 Technical Publications with Adobe Frame Maker
    ETWR-2473 XHTML & CSS for Information Specialists
    ETWR-2476 Technical Publications with MS Word
    ETWR-2477 Documentation Process and Content Management
    ETWR-2478 XML and DITA for Structured Authoring for Information Specialists
    ETWR-2479 Web Based Content Management Systems