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Restricted Elective
2Select from CETT 1403, CETT 1425, CNBT 1411, DFTG 1429, DFTG 1433, DFTG 1445, DFTG 1458, DFTG 1470, DFTG 1475, DFTG 1494, DFTG 1495, DFTG 2402, DFTG 2405, DFTG 2413, DFTG 2419, DFTG 2421, DFTG 2427, DFTG 2428, DFTG 2432, DFTG 2433, DFTG 2436, DFTG 2440, DFTG 2449, DFTG 2473, DFTG 2475, DFTG 2476, DFTG 2478, ENGR 1201, GEOG 2470, ITSC 1307, MCHN 1419, SRVY 1301, WLDG 1437.

    CETT-1403 DC Circuits
    CETT-1425 Digital Fundamentals
    CNBT-1411 Construction Methods and Materials
    DFTG-1429 Electro-Mechanical Drafting
    DFTG-1433 Mechanical Drafting
    DFTG-1458 Electrical/Electronic Drafting
    DFTG-1470 Drafting for Stormwater Management
    DFTG-1494 Special Topics in Electrical/Electronics Drafting and Electrical/Electronics CAD/CADD
    DFTG-1495 Special Topics in Mechanical Drafting and Mechanical Drafting CAD/CADD
    DFTG-2402 Machine Drafting
    DFTG-2405 Printed Circuit Board Design
    DFTG-2413 Basic Integrated Circuit Design
    DFTG-2419 Intermediate Computer-Aided Drafting
    DFTG-2421 Topographical Drafting
    DFTG-2427 Landscape Drafting
    DFTG-2428 Architectural Drafting - Commercial
    DFTG-2432 Advanced Computer-Aided Drafting
    DFTG-2433 Advanced Integrated Circuit Design
    DFTG-2436 Computer-Aided Drafting Programming
    DFTG-2440 Solid Modeling/Design
    DFTG-2449 CAD Management
    DFTG-2475 Water and Wastewater Drafting
    DFTG-2476 Transportation Drafting
    ENGR-1201 Introduction to Engineering
    GEOG-2470 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
    ITSC-1307 UNIX Operating System I
    SRVY-1301 Introduction to Surveying
    WLDG-1437 Introduction to Welding Metallurgy