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Science/Math Elective
6Electives should reflect student\'s area of concentration: BITC 2486, PHYS 1401, any college level math, BIOL 2305, BIOL 2102, BIOL 2404, BIOL 2316. For transfer to a four-year college or university, students should take CHEM 2325 and CHEM 2125.

    BITC-2486 Internship-Biological Technology I
    PHYS-1401 General College Physics I
    BIOL-2404 Introduction Human Anatomy & Physiology
    BIOL-2316 Genetics
    CHEM-2325 Organic Chemistry II Lecture
    CHEM-2125 Organic Chemistry II Lab
    MATH-1316 Trigonometry
    MATH-1324 Mathematics for Business and Economics
    MATH-1332 College Mathematics
    MATH-1333 Mathematics for Measurement
    MATH-1342 Elementary Statistics
    MATH-1350 Math for Middle Grade Teacher Cert I
    MATH-1351 Math for Middle Grade Teacher Cert II
    MATH-1425 Business Calculus and Applications I
    MATH-1476 Business Calculus and Applications II
    MATH-2318 Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory
    MATH-2412 PreCalculus: Functions and Graphs
    MATH-2413 Calculus I
    MATH-2414 Calculus II
    MATH-2415 Calculus III
    MATH-2420 Differential Equations