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Restricted Elective
3Select from the following restricted electives: LGLA 1311, LGLA 1317, LGLA 1341, LGLA 1343, LGLA 1349, LGLA 1391, LGLA 2303, LGLA 2307, LGLA 2313, LGLA 2335, LGLA 2337.

    LGLA-1311 Introduction to Law
    LGLA-1317 Law Office Technology
    LGLA-1341 Administrative Law
    LGLA-1343 Bankruptcy
    LGLA-1349 Constitutional Law
    LGLA-1391 Special Topics
    LGLA-2303 Torts and Personal Injury Law
    LGLA-2307 Law Office Management
    LGLA-2313 Criminal Law and Procedure
    LGLA-2335 Advanced Civil Litigation
    LGLA-2337 Mediation