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Restricted Elective
2Restricted Electives (at least 4 of 5 must have MUSB, MUSC or MUSP prefixes). Choose courses from below:
MUSB 1341, 1491, 2305, 2309, 2345
MUSC 1211/1313, 1321, 1325, 1331, 1333, 1350, 1371, 1391, 1405, 2211/2313, 2319, 2345, 2355, 2403, 2427, 2447, 2448
MUSP 1142, 1146, 1148, 1150, 1151, 1201, 1203, 1204, 1205, 1210, 1223, 1227, and Applied Music Courses
MUSI 1116/1117, 1181, 1182, 1183, 1192, 1306, 1311/1312
MUAP/MUEN Applied Music Courses/Music Ensemble
COMM 1336, 2325, 2331
Only one Applied Music course may be applied towards the degree.

    MUSB-1341 Concert Promotion and Venue Management
    MUSB-1491 Special Topics in Music Business Management and Merchandising
    MUSB-2305 Music Publishing
    MUSB-2309 The Record Industry
    MUSB-2345 Live Music and Talent Management
    MUSC-1211 Commercial Music Sight Singing and Ear Training I
    MUSC-1313 Commercial Music Theory I
    MUSC-1321 Songwriting I
    MUSC-1325 Acoustics
    MUSC-1331 Musical Instrument Digital Interface I
    MUSC-1333 Synthesis I
    MUSC-1350 Remixing
    MUSC-1371 Introduction to Modular Synthesis
    MUSC-1391 Special Topics in Music, General
    MUSC-1405 Live Sound I
    MUSC-2211 Commercial Music Sight Singing and Ear Training II
    MUSC-2313 Commercial Music Theory II
    MUSC-2319 Orchestration
    MUSC-2345 Synthesis II
    MUSC-2355 Musical Instrument Digital Interface II
    MUSC-2403 Live Sound II
    MUSC-2427 Audio Engineering II
    MUSC-2447 Audio Engineering III
    MUSC-2448 Audio Engineering IV
    MUSP-1142 Small Commercial Music Ensemble
    MUSP-1148 Small Commercial Music Ensemble: Improvisation
    MUSP-1150 Small Commercial Music Ensemble: Jazz
    MUSP-1151 Small Commercial Music Ensemble: Recording
    MUSP-1201 Applied Commercial Music: Arranging and Composition
    MUSP-1203 Applied Commercial Music: Acoustic Bass
    MUSP-1204 Applied Commercial Music: Bass Guitar
    MUSP-1205 Applied Commercial Music: Commercial Guitar
    MUSP-1210 Applied Commercial Music: Piano
    MUSP-1227 Applied Commercial Music: Voice
    MUSP-1223 Applied Commercial Music: Synthesizer
    MUSI-1116 Sight-Singing and Ear Training I
    MUSI-1117 Sight Singing and Ear Training II
    MUSI-1181 Piano Class I
    MUSI-1182 Piano Class II
    MUSI-1183 Voice Class I
    MUSI-1192 Guitar Class
    MUSI-1306 Music Appreciation
    MUSI-1311 Music Theory I
    MUSI-1312 Music Theory II
    COMM-1336 Video Production I
    COMM-2331 TV and Radio Announcing