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Human Services Elective
2Select from the following courses: CMSW 1323, DAAC 2306, DAAC 2353, RECT 1301, SCWK 1305, SCWK 1321, SCWK 2305, SCWK 2311, SCWK 2331.

    CMSW-1323 The Exceptional Person
    DAAC-2306 Substance Abuse Prevention I
    DAAC-2353 Substance Abuse Prevention II
    RECT-1301 Introduction to Therapeutic Recreation
    SCWK-2305 Special Problems of Youth
    SCWK-1305 Group Work Intervention
    SCWK-1321 Orientation to Social Services
    SCWK-2311 Interview and Counseling Theories
    SCWK-2331 Abnormal Behavior