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Restricted Elective
1Restricted Elective Options: FIRT 1301, FIRT 1319, FIRT 1327, FIRT 1338, FIRT 1345, FIRT 1349, FIRT 2307, FIRT 2333, EMSP 1501.

    FIRT-1338 Fire Protection Systems
    FIRT-1353 Legal Aspects of Fire Protection
    FIRT-1301 Fundamentals of Fire Protection
    FIRT-2333 Fire and Arson Investigation II
    FIRT-2307 Fire Instructor II
    EMSP-1501 Emergency Medical Technician
    FIRT-1345 Hazardous Materials II
    FIRT-1327 Building Construction in Fire Service
    FIRT-1319 Firefighter Health and Safety
    FIRT-1349 Fire Administration II