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Visual Design Elective
4Students are encouraged to take a course focusing on web design, graphics, automated drafting, and multimedia from Visual Communications or Architectural and Engineering Computer Aided Design departments.

    ARTC-1305 Basic Graphic Design
    ARTC-1310 Design Concepts
    ARTC-1353 Computer Illustration
    ARTC-1371 Color Theory for Design
    ARTC-1391 Special Topics in Graphic Design, Commercial Art and Illustration
    ARTC-1402 Digital Imaging I
    ARTC-1409 Basic Illustration
    ARTC-1413 Digital Publishing I
    ARTC-1417 Design Communication I
    ARTC-1421 Illustration Techniques I
    ARTC-1427 Typography
    ARTC-1459 Visual Design for New Media
    ARTC-1491 Special Topics in Graphic Design, Commercial Art and Illustration
    ARTC-2311 History of Communication Graphics
    ARTC-2317 Typographic Design
    ARTC-2335 Portfolio Development for Graphic Design
    ARTC-2405 Digital Imaging II
    ARTC-2413 Digital Publishing II
    ARTC-2440 Computer Illustration II
    ARTC-2447 Design Communication II
    ARTC-2472 Pre-Certification for Graphics Arts
    ARTC-2472 Pre-Certification for Graphics Arts
    ARTV-1211 Storyboard
    ARTV-1302 Introduction to Technical Animation and Rendering
    ARTV-1403 Basic Animation
    ARTV-1441 3D Animation I
    ARTV-1445 3D Modeling and Rendering I
    ARTV-1451 Digital Video
    ARTV-1472 Digital Painting
    ARTV-1473 Drawing for Animation
    ARTV-1477 Stop Motion Animation
    ARTV-1478 Advanced Animation
    ARTV-1491 Special Topics in Visual and Performing Arts
    ARTV-2271 Portfolio Workshop
    ARTV-2335 Portfolio Development for Animation
    ARTV-2370 Digital Animation Techniques
    ARTV-2374 Advanced Animation II
    ARTV-2376 Digital Animation Techniques II
    ARTV-2401 2D Animation I
    ARTV-2430 2D Animation II
    ARTV-2441 Advanced Digital Video
    ARTV-2445 3D Modeling and Rendering II
    ARTV-2451 3-D Animation II
    ARTV-2455 Character Rigging and Animation
    ARTV-2470 Digital Animation Techniques III
    ARTV-2471 3D Lighting and Surfacing
    ARTV-2473 Character Design for 2D Animation
    ARTV-2475 3D Modeling and Rendering III
    ARTV-2476 3D Animation III
    ARTV-2479 3D Animation IV
    GAME-1201 Computer Ethics
    GAME-1212 Game Theory
    GAME-1303 Introduction to Game Design and Developm ent
    GAME-1304 Level Design
    GAME-1406 Design and Creation of Games
    GAME-1434 Video Game Art I
    GAME-1472 Design Creation of Games II
    GAME-1474 Level Design II
    GAME-1475 2D Design for Games
    GAME-1476 Art Creation for Mobile Devices
    GAME-1476 Art Creation for Mobile Devices
    GAME-1494 Special Topics in Animation, Interactive Technology, Video Graphics Special Effects
    GAME-2308 Portfolio for Game Development
    GAME-2338 Game Testing
    GAME-2359 Game and Simulation Group Project
    GAME-2409 Video Game Art II
    GAME-2471 Design and Creation of Games III
    GAME-2476 Video Game Production
    GAME-2477 Technical Art Explorations
    GAME-2478 Video Game Art III
    GRPH-1359 Vector Graphics for Production
    IMED-1270 The Business of Design
    IMED-1416 Web Design I
    IMED-1441 Interface Design
    IMED-1445 Interactive Digital Media I
    IMED-1491 Special Topics in Educational/ Instructional Media Technology
    IMED-2388 Internship - Digital Communication and Media/Multimedia
    IMED-2411 Portfolio Development
    IMED-2413 Project Analysis and Design
    IMED-2415 Web Page Design II
    IMED-2459 Interactive Web Elements
    IMED-2470 User Experience Design
    IMED-2471 Component Based Design II
    MOTG-1470 Type for Digital Media
    MOTG-1471 Post Production for Digital Media
    MOTG-1472 Styleboarding
    MOTG-1473 Motion Graphics I
    MOTG-1474 Motion Design Concepts
    MOTG-2470 3D for Motion Graphics
    MOTG-2471 Motion Graphics II
    MOTG-2472 Motion Graphics Project
    MOTG-2473 Portfolio Development
    MOTG-2474 Visual Effects
    ARCE-1452 Structural Drafting
    DFTG-1402 Introduction to Technical Animation and Rendering
    DFTG-1405 Technical Drafting
    DFTG-1417 Architectural Drafting - Residential
    DFTG-1429 Electro-Mechanical Drafting
    DFTG-1433 Mechanical Drafting
    DFTG-1445 Parametric Modeling and Design
    DFTG-1458 Electrical/Electronic Drafting
    DFTG-1470 Drafting for Stormwater Management
    DFTG-1491 Special Topics in Drafting
    DFTG-1494 Special Topics in Electrical/Electronics Drafting and Electrical/Electronics CAD/CADD
    DFTG-1495 Special Topics in Mechanical Drafting and Mechanical Drafting CAD/CADD
    DFTG-2400 Intermediate Architectural Drafting - Residential
    DFTG-2402 Machine Drafting
    DFTG-2405 Printed Circuit Board Design
    DFTG-2413 Basic Integrated Circuit Design
    DFTG-2419 Intermediate Computer-Aided Drafting
    DFTG-2421 Topographical Drafting
    DFTG-2427 Landscape Drafting
    DFTG-2428 Architectural Drafting - Commercial
    DFTG-2430 Civil Drafting
    DFTG-2431 Advanced Technologies in Architectural Design and Drafting
    DFTG-2432 Advanced Computer-Aided Drafting
    DFTG-2433 Advanced Integrated Circuit Design
    DFTG-2436 Computer-Aided Drafting Programming
    DFTG-2440 Solid Modeling/Design
    DFTG-2449 CAD Management
    DFTG-2473 Introduction to CAD/CAM
    DFTG-2474 Architectural Modeling
    DFTG-2475 Water and Wastewater Drafting
    DFTG-2476 Transportation Drafting
    DFTG-2478 Civil Illustration and Animation
    MCHN-1419 Manufacturing Materials and Process