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Restricted Elective
1Restricted electives: SLNG 1206, SLNG 1248, SLNG 1346, SLNG 2311, HPRS 1206, CMSW 1323, LGLA 1311, PSYC 2314, DRAM 2336.

    SLNG-1206 Interpreting Artistic Texts
    SLNG-1248 Vocabulary Development for Interpreters
    SLNG-1346 Working with Deaf-Blind Persons
    SLNG-2311 Interpreting in Specialized Settings
    HPRS-1206 Essentials of Medical Terminology
    CMSW-1323 The Exceptional Person
    LGLA-1311 Introduction to Law
    PSYC-2314 Human Growth and Development
    DRAM-2336 Voice and Diction