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8Select from the following: ENGL 2322, ENGL 2323, ENGL 2327, ENGL 2328, ENGL 2332, ENGL 2333, ENGL 2342, ENGL 2343, HUMA 1301, HUMA 1302, PHIL 1301, PHIL 1304, PHIL 1316, PHIL 1317, PHIL 2303, or PHIL 2306.

    ENGL-2322 British Literature: Anglo-Saxon Through 18th Century
    ENGL-2323 British Literature: 18th Century to the Present
    ENGL-2327 American Literature: Beginnings Through Civil War
    ENGL-2328 American Literature: Civil War to the Present
    ENGL-2332 World Literature: Ancient World Through 17th Century
    ENGL-2333 World Literature: 18th Century to the Present
    ENGL-2342 Introduction to Literature I
    ENGL-2343 Introduction to Literature II
    HUMA-1302 Humanities: Renaissance to Present
    HUMA-1301 Humanities: Prehistory to Renaissance
    PHIL-1301 Introduction to Philosophy
    PHIL-1304 Introduction to Comparative Religion
    PHIL-1316 History of Eastern Religions
    PHIL-1317 History of Western Religions
    PHIL-2303 Logic
    PHIL-2306 Ethics