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Programming Elective I or II
5Select Programming Elective I from the following courses: BCIS 2316, COSC 1337, GAME 1343, GAME 2341, ITSE 1302, ITSE 1303, ITSE 1330, ITSE 1391, ITSE 2305, ITSE 2309, ITSE 2321, ITSE 2402.
6Select Programming Elective II from the following courses: BCIS 2331, COSC 2425, COSC 2436, GAME 1359, GAME 1394, GAME 2342, GAME 2344, INEW 1340, INEW 2334, INEW 2338, ITSC 2337, ITSE 1345, ITSE 1359, ITSE 1392, ITSE 1394, ITSE 2305, ITSE 2317, ITSE 2349, ITSE 2431, ITSE 2443, ITSW 2337.

    Track 1:
        COSC-1337  Programming Fundamentals II
        GAME-1343  Game and Simulation Programming I
        GAME-2341  Game Scripting
        ITSE-1302  Computer Programming: LabVIEW
        ITSE-1303  Introduction to MySQL
        ITSE-1330  Introduction to C# Programming
        ITSE-1391  Special Topics in Computer Programming
        ITSE-2305  Windows Programming (Visual Basic .NET)
        ITSE-2309  Database Programming: Oracle
        ITSE-2321  Object-Oriented Programming (Java)

    Track 2:
        COSC-2436  Programming Fundamentals III: Data Structures
        GAME-1359  Game and Simulation Programming II
        GAME-1394  Special Topics in Animation, Interactive Technology, Video Graphics Special Effects
        GAME-2342  Game Development Using C++
        GAME-2344  DirectX Programming: Introduction to 3D Graphics
        INEW-1340  ASP.Net Programming
        INEW-2334  Advanced Web Page Programming Using ASP
        INEW-2338  Advanced Java Programming: Visual
        ITSC-2337  UNIX Operating System II
        ITSE-1345  Introduction to Oracle SQL and PL/SQL
        ITSE-1359  Introduction to Scripting Languages: Pyt hon
        ITSE-1392  Special Topics in Computer Programming
        ITSE-1394  Special Topics in Computer Science
        ITSE-2305  Windows Programming (Visual Basic .NET)
        ITSE-2317  Java Programming (Intermediate)
        ITSE-2349  Advanced Visual Basic Programming .NET
        ITSW-2337  Advanced Database: MySQL