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Biology Elective
5Biology electives must total a minimum of six (6) semester hours, to be determined in consultation with a biology faculty advisor. PHYS 1402 and PHYS 2426 may be used as an elective.

    Track 1:
        BIOL-1308  Biology Fundamentals
        BIOL-1322  Contemporary Issues in Nutrition
        BIOL-1323  Human Nutrition
        BIOL-1406  Cellular and Molecular Biology
        BIOL-1407  Structure and Function of Organisms
        BIOL-1411  General Botany
        BIOL-1413  General Zoology
        BIOL-1414  Introduction to Biotechnology
        BIOL-1415  Introduction to Biotechnology
        BIOL-1424  Native Plants
        BIOL-2106  Environmental Biology Lab
        BIOL-2116  Genetics Lab
        BIOL-2206  Environmental Biology Lecture
        BIOL-2306  Living Planet
        BIOL-2316  Genetics
        BIOL-2321  Survey of Infectious Diseases
        BIOL-2404  Introduction Human Anatomy & Physiology
        BIOL-2406  Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
        BIOL-2421  Microbiology

    Track 2:
        PHYS-1402  General College Physics II
        PHYS-2426  Engineering Physics II