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Advanced Computer Information Technology/Computer Science Elective
5Must be selected from advanced Computer Information Technology or advanced Computer Science courses that are in accordance with career objectives. Subject to departmental approval.

    Track 1:
        ITSC-2364  Practicum - CIS, General

    Track 2:
        GAME-1359  Game and Simulation Programming II
        GAME-1394  Special Topics in Animation, Interactive Technology, Video Graphics Special Effects
        GAME-2302  Mathematical Applications for Game Development
        GAME-2332  Project Development I
        GAME-2341  Game Scripting
        GAME-2342  Game Development Using C++
        GAME-2344  DirectX Programming: Introduction to 3D Graphics
        GAME-2472  Game Scripting II
        INEW-2334  Advanced Web Page Programming Using ASP
        INEW-2338  Advanced Java Programming: Visual
        ITNW-2312  Routers
        ITNW-2321  Networking with TCP/IP
        ITSC-2335  Application Problem Solving: Support
        ITSC-2337  UNIX Operating System II
        ITSC-2339  Personal Computer Help Desk
        ITSE-1345  Introduction to Oracle SQL and PL/SQL
        ITSE-2305  Windows Programming (Visual Basic .NET)
        ITSE-2309  Database Programming: Oracle
        ITSE-2317  Java Programming (Intermediate)
        ITSE-2321  Object-Oriented Programming (Java)
        ITSE-2349  Advanced Visual Basic Programming .NET
        ITSW-1304  Introduction to Spreadsheets
        ITSW-1307  Introduction to Database: Access
        ITSW-2337  Advanced Database: MySQL
        ITSY-1300  Fundamentals of Information Security
        ITSY-1342  IT Security
        ITSY-2300  Operating System Security
        ITSY-2301  Firewalls and Network Security
        ITSY-2330  Intrusion Detection
        ITSY-2342  Incident Response & Handling
        ITSY-2343  Computer System Forensics
        ITSY-2359  Security Assessment and Auditing
        COSC-2436  Programming Fundamentals III: Data Structures