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Criminal Justice




This program is the academic equivalent to the Basic Peace Officer Training Course required by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education (TCLEOSE) for all Texas Peace Officers to be licensed.

The Criminal Justice Program Coordinator (Department Chair) must approve all enrollments into the Texas Peace Officer Certificate Program. Interested students must consult with the Program Coordinator one semester prior to registration. Before a student can be accepted into the certificate program, the following documents and requirements must be received and satisfied in compliance with TCLEOSE rules, state law and ACC policy: criminal records check and FBI fingerprinting, drug free report, physical examination, psychological examination, proof of U.S. citizenship, valid driver's license, DD-214 if military, college transcript, and any other documentation that may be required. The most current information can be accessed on the department's web page at

A degree is NOT required prior to entering the program but must be obtained before the endorsement will be granted. Students must have, at minimum, an associate's degree (does not have to be in criminal justice) before receiving an endorsement.

Students transferring into the program from other institutions, with a criminal justice major, may be allowed to receive transfer credit for core courses if comparable with ACC criminal justice courses.

Students with non-criminal justice degrees must successfully complete seven (7) courses of "Core Curriculum" and the four (4) sequence courses (see web page for required certificate program course titles). Students without degrees must complete the associate's degree with the seven (7) core courses and the four (4) sequence courses satisfied. All students in the sequence program must pass a comprehensive department examination and apply for graduation in the certificate program before the Academic Endorsement of Eligibility can be issued. The Academic Endorsement of Eligibility qualifies and permits a student to take the "Peace Officer Licensing Examination" which is prepared and administered by TCLEOSE.

  Core Curriculum Credit Hours
    CRIJ 1301 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
    CRIJ 1313 Juvenile Justice System 3
    CRIJ 1310 Fundamentals of Criminal Law 3
    CRIJ 1306 Court Systems and Practices 3
    CRIJ 2323 Legal Aspects of Law Enforcement 3
    CRIJ 2314 Criminal Investigation 3
    CRIJ 2328 Police Systems and Practices 3
  Peace Officer Sequence
    CJLE 2420 Texas Peace Officer Procedures 4
    CJLE 2421 Texas Peace Officer Law 4
    CJLE 2522 Texas Peace Officer Skills 5
  CJLE 2424 Texas Peace Officer Capstone1 4

  #Capstone course
  1Must be taken in last term.