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Building Construction Technology


Associate of Applied Science Degree


Students are ready to enter the competitive construction job market as assistant superintendents, cost estimators, and construction schedulers. Students are capable of building structures and managing construction processes.

The following degree outlines list courses in the recommended order that they may be taken. Students with no prior experience will get an extensive hands-on curriculum, gaining knowledge and skill that prepare them for working in the construction industry. Beginning students with no construction experience will rarely be allowed waivers or substitutions for first semester courses.

Students who have experience should call the Building Construction Technology department and talk with a department faculty advisor for possible waivers or substitutions in the sequence of courses. A student may gain college credits if adequate experience, skill, and knowledge are exhibited via a challenge exam.

Students should ordinarily follow the Building Construction Technology recommended and required sequencing of courses. Students and ACC advisors should contact the department with any questions concerning course sequencing scheduling or full classes.

  Semester I Credit Hours
    CNBT 1402 Mechanical, Plumbing and Electrical Systems in Construction 4
    CNBT 1411 Construction Methods and Materials I 4
    CNBT 1413 Concrete I 4
    CRPT 1415 Conventional Wall Systems 4
  Semester II
  CNBT 1342 Building Codes and Inspections 3
  CNBT 1400 Residential and Light Commercial Blueprint Reading 4
  OSHT 1305 OSHA Regulations - Construction Industry 3
  Mathematics1 3
  Semester III
  CNBT 1446 Construction Estimating I 4
  CNBT 2342 Construction Management I 3
  CNBT 2344 Construction Management II 3
  Semester IV
  CNBT 2346 Construction Management III 3
  CNBT 1359 Project Scheduling 3
  Semester V
  +#  CNBT 1372 Construction/Building Technology/Technician-Capstone 3
  TOTALS 66-68

  +Prerequisites: See Course Descriptions
  #Capstone course
  1Select from the appropriate section of the General Education Course List.
  2Select from the following restricted electives: CNBT 2305, CNBT 2417, CNBT 2435, CNBT 2437, CRPT 1411, CRPT 1441, CRPT 1445, RBPT 2430. Prerequisites will be strictly enforced. Courses may be taken out of sequence only with department approval. Students may request substitutions of required courses.