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Business and Technical Communications


Associate of Applied Science Degree

The Associate of Applied Science Degree in Social Media Communication is designed to enable technical communication students and others to get employment as social media strategists, social media specialists, and social media managers or coordinators. Contact the department chair for Business and Technical Communications for waiver, substitution, and transfer possibilities.

  Semester I Credit Hours
    ENGL 2311 Technical and Business Writing 3
  Semester II
  ETWR 1472 Social Media Tools II: Monitoring and Analysis 4
    ETWR 2375 Communicating Data and Statistical Information 3
    ETWR 1374 Graphics for Business, Government and Technical Information 3
  ETWR 2479 Web-Based Content Management Systems 4
  Semester III
    ETWR 2473 XHTML and CSS for Information Specialists 4
  ETWR 2478 XML and DITA for Structured Authoring for Information Specialists 4
    Mathematics1 3
    BMGT 1301 Supervision 3
  Semester IV
    ETWR 2379 Editing Government, Business and Technical Information 3
  ETWR 1474 Emerging Technologies in Social Networking 4
    ETWR 1379 Technical Communicators: Careers and Professionalism 3
  TOTALS 60-62

  +Prerequisites: See Course Descriptions
  1Select from the General Education Course List.
  2ETWR 1471 must be approved by the Business and Technical Communications department chair.
  3Select courses from Visual Communications, Computer Information Technology, or Computer Science departments. Contact the department chair for recommendations.