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Business and Technical Communications



The Certificate in Technical Communications is designed to give students skills and background essential for careers in technical communications. Coursework in this certificate can be applied to the Associate of Applied Science degree in Technical Communications.

Contact the department chair for Business and Technical Communications for waiver, substitution, and transfer possibilities.

  Semester I Credit Hours
    ENGL 2311 Technical and Business Writing 3
    ETWR 1374 Graphics for Business, Government and Technical Information 3
  Semester II
    ETWR 2472 Technical Publications with Adobe FrameMaker OR 4
    ETWR 2476 Technical Publications with MS Word
    ETWR 2473 XHTML and CSS for Information Specialists 4
  ETWR 2374 Online Helps and Help-Authoring Tools 3
    ETWR 2379 Editing Government, Business and Technical Information 3
  ETWR 1379 Technical Communicators: Careers and Professionalism 3
  TOTALS 35-39

  +Prerequisites: See Course Descriptions
  #Capstone course
  1Select from the following courses: ETWR 1377, ETWR 2478, or ETWR 2477.
  2Students lacking computer skills should take COSC 1301 or BCIS 1305; students with limited experience with Microsoft Word should take POFI 2301.
  3Students are encouraged to take a course focusing on computer networks, databases, operating systems, or programming from Computer Information Technology or Computer Science departments.
  4Students are encouraged to take a course focusing on web design, graphics, automated drafting, and multimedia from Visual Communications or Architectural and Engineering Computer Aided Design departments.