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Associate of Applied Science Degree

The Associate Degree Nursing Program Traditional Track is a course of study that includes classroom, online, laboratory, and clinical learning experiences. Upon successful completion of the program, the graduate is eligible to apply to take the national licensure examination to become a registered nurse (R.N.). The Board of Nursing for the State of Texas determines eligibility for licensure. Applicants for licensure must provide necessary information regarding drug, alcohol, or conviction history for determination of licensure eligibility. Registered nurses prepared at the associate degree level possess a high degree of technical nursing skills and apply scientific principles to all nursing care. Graduates of an associate degree-nursing program may continue their education for one or more years at a four-year college to earn a bachelor's degree. ADMISSION TO THE COLLEGE DOES NOT GUARANTEE ADMISSION TO THE ASSOCIATE DEGREE NURSING PROGRAM. All courses must be completed with a minimum grade of "C". Students may choose to complete any of the corequisite general education courses prior to enrolling in the nursing courses. Students must be accepted to the program prior to enrolling in or registering for any RNSG course. Admission criteria may be obtained from the Associate Degree Nursing Program admissions office, EVC Rm. 8356, or online at All applicants must provide documentation of immunizations at time of application. CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) training must be completed prior to enrollment and maintained throughout the Associate Degree Nursing Program. Students accepted to the program are required to have a physical examination and must verify annual tuberculosis status. The Associate Degree Nursing Program is accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission, 3343 Peachtree Road, NE, Suite 500, Atlanta, Georgia 30326; (404) 975-5000;

In order to meet requirements of clinical agencies, criminal background checks and drug screenings for all Health Sciences students are now required as part of the admissions process.

Program changes may not be reflected in the current ACC Catalog publication. Please access the most up to date information on the program's web page at or by contacting the Health Sciences Admissions Offices at Eastview Campus, Room 8356 or Round Rock Campus, Room 3105.

  Prerequisites Credit Hours
  BIOL 2304 Human Anatomy Lecture 3
  BIOL 2101 Human Anatomy Lab 1
  Mathematics2 3
  BIOL 2305 Human Physiology Lecture1 3
  BIOL 2102 Human Physiology Lab1 1
  HPRS 2300 Pharmacology for Health Professions 3
  RNSG 1105 Nursing Skills I 1
  Semester I
  RNSG 1413 Foundations for Nursing Practice 4
  RNSG 1160 Clinical-Nursing-Registered Nurse Training: Foundations of Nursing 1
  RNSG 1341 Common Concepts of Adult Health 3
  RNSG 1161 Clinical-Nursing-Registered Nurse Training I 1
    PSYC 2301 Introduction to Psychology 3
  Semester II
  RNSG 1443 Complex Concepts of Adult Health 4
  RNSG 1360 Clinical--Nursing--Registered Nurse Training II 3
  RNSG 1247 Concepts of Clinical Decision-Making 2
  PSYC 2314 Human Growth and Development 3
  Semester III
  RNSG 1412 Nursing Care of the Childbearing and Childrearing Family 4
  RNSG 1262 Clinical--Nursing-Registered Nurse Training: Childbearing/Childrearing Family Clinical 2
  RNSG 2213 Mental Health Nursing 2
  RNSG 2160 Clinical--Nursing--Registered Nurse Training: Mental Health 1
  ENGL 1301 English Composition I 3
  Semester IV
  RNSG 2432 Enhanced Concepts of Adult Health I 4
  RNSG 2362 Clinical--Nursing--Registered Nurse Training IV 3
  RNSG 2221 Management of Client Care 2
  RNSG 2130 Professional Nursing Review and Licensure Preparation 1

  +Prerequisites: See Course Descriptions
  1These courses must have been taken within 5 years of application deadline.
  2Select from the following: MATH 1314, MATH 1316, MATH 1324, MATH 1332, MATH 1333, MATH 1342, MATH 1425, MATH 2412, MATH 2413, or MATH 2414. Beginning Fall 2014, the required Math course will be Math 1342 Elementary Statistics.
  3Select from SPCH 1311, SPCH 1315, SPCH 1318, or SPCH 1321.
  4Select from the appropriate section of the General Education Course List.