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Medical Lab Technology


Associate of Applied Science Degree


The Medical Laboratory Technology Program prepares students to function as Clinical Laboratory Technicians or Medical Laboratory Technicians in a wide variety of settings from physician office laboratories to modern tertiary care hospitals through classroom study and supervised clinical experience. The curriculum includes study of the formed elements of blood, coagulation mechanisms, analysis of body fluids, blood typing and cross-matching, techniques of sterilization and disinfection, bacterial descriptions and classifications, characteristics of pathogenic fungi and parasites, clinical chemistry analysis, and other aspects of medical laboratory technology. Upon successful completion of the prescribed curriculum, the student is eligible to take an examination for national certification. The program is nationally accredited through the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS), 5600 N. River Rd. Suite 720, Rosemont, IL 60018-5119; (773) 714-8880. ADMISSION TO THE COLLEGE DOES NOT GUARANTEE ADMISSION TO THE MEDICAL LABORATORY TECHNOLOGY PROGRAM. ADMISSION CRITERIA HAVE BEEN ESTABLISHED AND ENROLLMENT IS LIMITED.

Students accepted into the program are required to have a physical examination, provide documentation of immunizations, and must verify tuberculosis status. In order to meet requirements of clinical agencies, criminal background checks and drug screenings for all Health Sciences students are now required as part of the admissions process.

Program changes may not be reflected in the current ACC Catalog publication. Please access the most up to date information on the program's web page at or by contacting the Health Sciences Admissions Offices at Eastview Campus, Room 8356 or Round Rock Campus, Room 3105.

  Prerequisites Credit Hours
  CHEM 1305 Introductory Chemistry I - Lecture 3
  CHEM 1105 Introductory Chemistry I -- Lab 1
    MLAB 1101 Introduction to Clinical Laboratory Science 1
  Fall Semester (First Year)
  BIOL 1406 Cellular and Molecular Biology 4
    Mathematics1 3
    HPRS 1106 Essentials of Medical Terminology 1
  Spring Semester (First Year)
    MLAB 1331 Parasitology/Mycology 3
    BIOL 2404 Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology 4
  Summer Semester (First Year)
  PLAB 1323 Phlebotomy 3
  PLAB 1166 Practicum (or Field Experience) - Phlebotomy/Phlebotomist 1
  Fall Semester (Second Year)
  MLAB 1415 Hematology 4
  MLAB 1227 Coagulation 2
  MLAB 1311 Urinalysis and Body Fluids 3
  MLAB 1335 Immunology/Serology 3
  MLAB 2360 Clinical - Clinical/Medical Laboratory Technician I 3
  Spring Semester (Second Year)
  MLAB 2431 Immunohematology 4
  MLAB 2401 Clinical Chemistry 4
  MLAB 2461 Clinical - Clinical/Medical Laboratory Technician II 4
  Summer Semester (Second Year)
  MLAB 2434 Microbiology 4
  +#  MLAB 2362 Clinical - Clinical/Medical Laboratory Technician III 3

  +Prerequisites: See Course Descriptions
  #Capstone course
  1Select from the appropriate section of the General Education Course List.