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Hospitality, Meeting and Event Planning, Tourism


Associate of Applied Science Degree


This program offers hospitality management majors with a basic background in hotel and restaurant operations, which is fundamental to all aspects of the hospitality industry. The department offers an array of specialized hospitality courses. Course instruction includes hands-on laboratory experience and extensive interaction with the hotel and restaurant industry as well as traditional classroom lectures and demonstrations. Complimentary programs to this are: Hospitality Management Certificate, Culinary Arts Certificate, Meeting Planning Certificate, and Travel and Tourism Certificate. Transfer credits may also be considered. All students seeking this degree will need to be advised by the department to finalize course selections.

To receive an Associate of Applied Science degree in a specialization in Hospitality Management, a student must a) earn a grade of "C" or higher in all courses required to fulfill degree requirements, including general education courses, and b) meet Austin Community College's overall graduation requirements.

  Semester I Credit Hours
    HAMG 1321 Introduction to the Hospitality Industry 3
    CHEF 1205 Sanitation and Safety 2
    HAMG 1319 Computers in Hospitality 3
    HAMG 1313 Front Office Management 3
  ENGL 1301 English Composition I 3
  Semester II
    FDNS 1301 Introduction to Foods 3
    HAMG 2307 Hospitality Marketing and Sales 3
    HAMG 1324 Hospitality Human Resources Management 3
    TRVM 2305 Travel Industry Management 3
  Semester III
    RSTO 1325 Purchasing for Hospitality Operations 3
  MATH 1332 College Mathematics 3
  Semester IV
    HAMG 2305 Hospitality Management and Leadership 3
    ENGL 2311 Technical and Business Writing 3
    HAMG 1340 Hospitality Legal Issues 3
  Semester V
    HAMG 2301 Principles of Food and Beverage Operations-Catering 3
  HAMG 2332 Hospitality Financial Management 3
  Semester VI
  HAMG 2389 Internship - Hospitality Administration/Management, General 3

  +Prerequisites: See Course Descriptions
  #Capstone course
  1Restricted electives must be chosen from one of the following courses: CHEF 1301, HAMG 1342, or RSTO 1304.
  2Select from the appropriate section of the General Education Course List.
  3Restricted electives must be chosen from CHEF 1391, HAMG 1300, HAMG 1317, HAMG 1391, PSTR 1301, RSTO 1301, RSTO 1319, TRVM 2301, TRVM 2345, or TRVM 2372.