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Fire Protection Technology




The program is designed to give the student instruction in the areas of firefighting that are required to be certified in fire suppression. Instruction includes but is not limited to the following: Rules & regulations, forcible entry, ladder practices, fire streams, ventilation, rescue practices, inspection, automatic sprinklers, aircraft rescue and fire protection, self-contained breathing apparatus, and simulated emergency. The student works in a professionally staffed atmosphere with modern equipment. This course teaches the skills necessary to prepare the student for entry-level employment in the fire protection industry.

The firefighter certification program is offered in the Spring and Fall semesters and requires a separate application through the fire training academy. For information about the application process, go to All seven courses must be taken concurrently and require department approval before registration. Students are only required to pass the reading and writing portions of the Compass placement test for acceptance into the academy.

  Credit Hours
    FIRS 1401 Firefighter Certification I 4
    FIRS 1407 Firefighter Certification II 4
    FIRS 1313 Firefighter Certification III 3
    FIRS 1319 Firefighter Certification IV 3
    FIRS 1423 Firefighter Certification V 4
    FIRS 1429 Firefighter Certification VI 4
    FIRS 1433 Firefighter Certification VII 4