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Child Care and Development


Institutional Certificate

The Academic CDA Training Program does not require the TSI test, but does have special admissions requirements. Please see the information provided in the beginning of the Child Development Section in this catalog on Special Admission Requirements for All Child Development Students and Special Admissions Requirements for the Academic CDA Training Program, Certificate and Associate Degree.

This program is designed for early childhood teachers currently working with young children who plan to apply for the CDA Assessment through the Council for Early Childhood Professional Recognition independent of our Comprehensive CDA Training. The following child development courses will provide the documentation of required training hours. Students completing this option may apply for the Professional Recognition For Caregivers Award through the Child Development Department.

  Academic CDA Training Credit Hours
  CDEC 1311 Educating Young Children OR 3
  TECA 1311 Educating Young Children
    CDEC 1354 Child Growth and Development OR 3
    TECA 1354 Child Growth and Development
  CDEC 1303 Families, School and Community OR 3
  TECA 1303 Families, School and Community
  CDEC 1419 Child Guidance OR 4
  CDEC 1413 Curriculum Resources for Early Childhood Programs
  CDEC 1241 CDA Preparation for Assessment 2

  +Prerequisites: See Course Descriptions
  #Capstone course