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2013-2014 College Credit Catalog: Award Plans
Allied Health Science

The Department of Allied Health Sciences (ALHS) is dedicated to educational excellence. To that end, every effort has been made to develop and offer a diverse range of courses designed to meet student needs and facilitate student success. The ALHS department (HPRS) is an interdisciplinary department in Health Sciences whose main responsibility is providing prerequisite and corequisite courses for other Health Science degrees and certificate programs.

A variety of courses in allied health specialties are offered for students who are: (1) seeking enrollment in ACC health science programs such as nursing, surgical and medical laboratory technology, emergency medical services (paramedicine), occupational and physical therapy, pharmacy technician, medical coding and dental technology, (2) co-enrolled in ACC health science programs, (3) transferring into health science programs at other institutions, (4) exploring health science careers, or (5) co-enrolled in public schools and either investigating health careers or planning to continue at ACC in a health science program.

Courses in medical terminology, pharmacology, pathophysiology, and end of life issues are offered by a team of qualified health professionals who have a diversity of backgrounds that complement each other. Some examples of current educational backgrounds include a doctorate in pharmacy, a doctorate in education, and master's degrees in nursing and related health specialties.

Professors are also highly prepared in the latest teaching, learning philosophies, and practices. Innovative presentation techniques are utilized in the classroom through the implementation of the latest technology, such as PowerPoint presentations, i-clickers and appropriate audiovisual modalities. HPRS courses are offered in the traditional classroom setting and non-traditional setting, via the Internet, via television, and via hybrid. As a result, students may attend classes on campus or receive instruction at their home or business via the computer or television. Hybrid courses are one of the new methods of instruction at ACC. Hybrid courses involve instruction half in the classroom and half online to meet the needs of the student. Additionally, some of the HPRS courses are integrated with the continuing education (CE) department allowing the student a diversity of educational opportunity and formats, the ability to sustain lifelong learning, ability to earn CE credits required by their professions, or the ability to gain exposure to a healthcare profession before committing to a credit program. Every attempt is made to enhance and strengthen the student's educational experiences. In courses that have prerequisites, students must bring proof of prerequisites to orientation or first class meeting (grade report, transcript, math scores). Exempt students of HPRS 2300 prerequisites, need proof of a math course or math assessment. Students taking classes at the Fredericksburg (FBG) campus should note that this is 80 miles from Austin. Students should view the departmental website for additional information about the program and course descriptions. The allied health science departmental website is