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FY 2008

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FY 2008 Course Descriptions


SPCH 1311 INTRODUCTION TO SPEECH COMMUNICATION (3-3-0). Theories and practice of speech communication behavior in interpersonal, small group, and public communication situations. The course introduces skills that students can use to communicate more effectively in their everyday lives. Skills: E ( ) Course Type: T

SPCH 1315 FUNDAMENTALS OF PUBLIC SPEAKING (3-3-0). A study of the basic principles and techniques for the research, composition, organization and delivery of speeches for various purposes. The course concentrates on practical experience in developing speaking and listening abilities. Skills: E ( ) Course Type: T

SPCH 1318 INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION (3-3-0). Theories and practice in verbal and nonverbal communication with a focus on interpersonal relationships. Emphasis on improving interpersonal skills and helping students increase their communication competence in everyday social exchanges. Skills: E ( ) Course Type: T

SPCH 1321 BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION (3-3-0). Application and practice of communication as applied to business and professional situations. The course concentrates on building speaking and delivery skills, as well as critical thinking and analytical skills that focus on how to organize a presentation. Skills: E ( ) Course Type: T

SPCH 1342 VOICE AND DICTION (3-3-0). Physiology and mechanics of effective voice production with practice in articulation, pronunciation, and enunciation. Emphasis on vocal production in speech making situations while helping students speak more comfortably, efficiently, and effectively. Study of the International Phonetic Alphabet to identify and eliminate individual articulation problems. Skills: E ( ) Course Type: T

SPCH 2333 SMALL GROUP COMMUNICATION (3-3-0). Analysis of small group communication. Experience participating in small group situations. Interaction, leadership, conformity, feedback, and other concepts viewed in theoretical and practical contexts. The goal is to improve communication competence in small group settings. Skills: E ( ) Course Type: T

SPCH 2335 ARGUMENTATION AND DEBATE (3-3-0). Principles of argumentation and skills of debate, including reasoning, evidence, refutation, and briefing. Skills: E ( ) Course Type: T

SPCH 2341 ORAL INTERPRETATION OF LITERATURE (3-3-0). Theories and techniques in analyzing and interpreting literature. Preparation and presentation of various literary forms including prose, poetry, and dramatic literature. Skills: E ( ) Course Type: T

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