Veterans' Services

All documentation must be submitted and the criteria met before certification for benefits will be processed. Check with the ACC Veterans Affairs Office for details.

Educational Objectives. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) requires that each veteran receiving educational benefits be following an approved course of study which leads to an approved degree or vocational objective. A veteran may not receive payment for courses previously completed, for courses that are in excess of degree or certificate requirements, or for courses which do not apply to an approved degree or certificate.

Period of Certification.
Veterans may be certified for both the Fall and Spring semesters during the fall registration, but must be certified for the summer semester separately. Certification processing begins on the first day of the term.
First-time Applicants will need to contact the VA Office at the Northridge or the Riverside campuses.
All students receiving DVA Educational Benefits must submit official transcripts of all previous college education and/or vocational training. Veterans must also have their military training evaluated, if it is applicable to the educational objective (see Credit for Military Courses).

Maintaining Eligibility
Reducing Course Load. It is the responsibility of the student receiving benefits to report any withdrawals to the ACC VA Office. Reduction in course load may cause a delay in monthly payments and a possible reimbursement of benefits as determined by the DVA Regional Office.

Satisfactory Progress. Satisfactory academic progress must be maintained. Enrollment does not guarantee eligibility for benefits. Check with the ACC VA Office for details about maintaining satisfactory progress.

Activation. Students must activate their files every year by completing a VA institutional application to let ACC know that they want to claim benefits.

Summer Sessions or Short Semester
. Payment of benefits for semesters that are shorter in length than a normal fall or spring semester is based on the number of credit hours. Check with the ACC VA Office for details.

Developmental Education Courses for Veterans
Not all Developmental Education courses are authorized for payment for DVA benefits. Approved Developmental Education courses may be used as prerequisites if required by the degree plan (English/Math) and if a need has been established based on assessment test results. For further information, please call the VA Office at Northridge.
NOTE: Veterans under Chapter 1606 (Reserve/Guard) are not authorized payment for Developmental Education courses, unless eligibility was established after October 1, 1990.
Office Locations. Students should check in the course schedule for campus office locations.

Veterans Benefits Checks
When First VA Check Arrives. Veterans should not depend on the first DVA check arriving in time to pay for tuition, fees, and books. Veterans must have money for tuition and fees at the time of registration. After the ACC VA Office has submitted the enrollment certification to the DVA Regional Office in Muskogee, Oklahoma, allow 6-8 weeks for processing.
Advance Payment. Advance payment is intended to help students meet school-related expenses which are concentrated at the beginning of a term. Students wanting advance payment should apply with the ACC VA Office at least 40 working days before the semester begins.
Although this procedure allows the benefit to be paid in advance, the check cannot be released to the student until the tuition and fees have been paid in full. Please contact the ACC VA Office regarding eligibility requirements and regulations.

Other Resources for Veterans

College Work-Study. Veterans may receive work-study under Ch. 30, 31, VEAP (32), 35 and 1606 if they are enrolled as full-time or three-quarter-time students, show financial need, and work-study positions are available. The student is entitled to minimum wage. The maximum number of hours a student may work will be based upon 25 times the number of weeks in the student’s enrollment period (See more under VA Office).

Veterans and Veterans’ Dependents
—Hazlewood Act. Texas veterans who served in any war from the Spanish-American War up to and including the Cold War which began after the Korean Conflict fall under this Act. The children of persons killed while in the armed forces during the previously mentioned period and orphans of members of the Texas National Guard and Texas Air National Guard killed since January 1, 1946, while on active duty either in the service of their state or the United States may be eligible. Students must meet all Texas residency requirements. Refer to the current course schedule for application procedures and deadlines.


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