Registration Procedures

Semester-Credit Registration
Registration is permitted only on the days listed in the official college calendar. However, ACC reserves the right to change registration dates. Registration procedures are published in the course schedule each semester and listed on the web. Students who apply and register early will have a better selection of courses. All non-U.S.A. citizens who plan to enroll at ACC must see a counselor or an International Student Adviser prior to every registration. Students must complete all the steps in the registration process. In order to be officially registered, student must pay tuition and fees on or before the published payment date. Students may attend only the classes for which they have officially registered and paid.

Short Semester Registration
ACC offers instruction in a variety of formats including 6, 8, 12, and 16 week classes during the academic year. Summer sessions may include 5½, 9, and 11 weeks sessions.
Short Semester registration makes it possible for students to enroll in courses after registration for the 12 and 16 week sessions has ended. These normally occur in September and February. For short semester registration dates, consult the current college calendar. A limited number of on-campus and Open Campus telecommunications based courses are offered during these special registrations.
A complete list of Open Campus courses may be obtained at any ACC Admissions Office, from the Open Campus Office or on the ACC Web Site: one week prior to each registration. Short semester courses carry the same tuition charges and credit as those offered during the 16 week term. ACC reserves the right to cancel a short semester registration in the event there are not enough available courses to warrant separate registrations. Call (512) 223-8026 or toll-free 1-888-223-8026 for more information.

Telephone Registration
ACC offers registration by telephone for eligible college credit students who have completed the application, orientation, and advising processes. Qualified current or former students in good standing also may register by telephone. Phone registration is available for Continuing Education students who pay with credit cards. Consult the course schedule for information on how to register and pay by telephone.


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