ACC General Catalog 1999-2000

Student Services

As an institution committed to helping all students achieve their educational and career goals, Austin Community College is aware that some students enter ACC unprepared to benefit from instruction, others are unsure of their educational and career goals, and many face life challenges which may reduce their chances of succeeding at ACC. To increase the chances that all students will succeed, Austin Community College offers a variety of student support services.

 Academic Advising

Highly trained academic advisers assist new college credit students to complete the application process, review state-mandated TASP requirements, understand ACC’s placement policies, and evaluate assessment results. Once a student is admitted to ACC, advisers collaborate with counselors and faculty to provide accurate, up-to-date advising information to students. Advisers also assist Early Start high school students, visiting and transfer students from other institutions trying to take classes at ACC, and One-Stop students hoping to continue their education at Austin Community College.


ACC+Plus (Partnership in Learning for Under-Prepared Students) is an innovative program in which developmental faculty and professional counselors work together to provide targeted support services for students in developmental courses. These services include, but are not limited to workshops on study skills, time management, test taking skills, dealing with test anxiety, listening skills, conflict resolution techniques, and learning styles.


Assessment staff coordinate all entry, exit, diagnostic and special needs testing at ACC. In collaboration with the Counseling Department, assessment staff offer a battery of tests to help students get a better picture of their abilities, interests, personality, skills and values in order to select appropriate courses, majors and careers. When appropriate, assessment staff collaborate with the counseling staff and the faculty to provide diagnostic testing to assess student learning problems and to offer workshops on preparing for a test, dealing with test anxiety, and improving test taking skills.

 Counseling and Educational Planning

Professional counselors are available at every campus to assist students to define educational and career goals, to benefit from instruction, and to deal with life challenges which may reduce their chances of succeeding at ACC. Services provided by ACC counselors are divided into three categories: pre-enrollment, after enrollment, and transition. Pre-enrollment Services include establishing liaison relationships with area middle and high school counselors, leading orientation groups, and working with academically at-risk students during their initial ACC registration. After-enrollment Services include direct services to students as well as partnerships with faculty members to increase the chances that students will succeed. Direct services to students include career and crisis counseling, a tracking system for academically at-risk students, and targeted support services for underprepared students. Faculty-counselor partnerships include the Advising Program, the Retention Program, and ACC+. Transition Services include programs to assist students to transfer successfully to a college or university or to locate employment related to their field of study at ACC.

 Job Referral

In cooperation with the Workforce Development faculty and various community agencies, the Counseling Department will expand job referral services to ACC students during the 1999-2000 academic year. These services will include assistance with the job search, resume writing and interviewing processes as well as referrals to jobs related to the students’ area of study at ACC.

 One-Stop Linkages

Each campus has an adviser who acts as a linkage to the One-Stop Centers operated by the Capitol Area Workforce Development Board. These advisers provide basic information about ACC programs and services to one-stop clients who plan to continue their studies at ACC, coach the clients through the ACC intake process, and serve as mentors to one-stop clients while they are on an ACC campus. ACC advisers are connected electronically to the One-Stop Centers via the Web.


The faculty and staff of Austin Community College believe that participation in orientation increases the chances that students will succeed at ACC. Therefore, the College requires new college-credit students to participate in orientation. Recognizing that students have different schedules and needs, ACC offers three orientation options–small group sessions, a Web-based tutorial, and an interactive booklet entitled A Guide to Getting Started at Austin Community College–and offers them at convenient times and places. During the 1999-2000 academic year, ACC will offer optional Family Orientations to help the parents, spouses, partners and children of new college students understand their roles in helping new students succeed in college.

 Services for Students with Disabilities

Each ACC campus offers support services for students with documented physical or psychological disabilities. Students with disabilities must request reasonable accommodations through the Office for Students with Disabilities on the campus where they expect to take the majority of their classes. These accommodations may include, but are not limited to interpreters, note takers, mobility assistance, targeted orientation sessions, support groups, registration assistance and special testing. Because ACC prefers to have all accommodations in place the first day a student enters a class, students with disabilities are urged to apply for accommodations at least three weeks before the start of a term. ACC also works with the Texas Rehabilitation Commission (TRC), the Texas Commission for the Blind (TCB), and other community service organizations to provide support services to eligible students. For additional information about support services for eligible students with disabilities, contact the following offices:

Cypress Campus (Room 1006)

223-2026 (voice)


Eastview Campus (Room 2113)



Northridge Campus (Room 1120)

223-4726 (voice)


223-8067 (TTY)


Pinnacle Campus (Room 221)

223-8300 (voice)


Rio Grande Campus (Room 206)

223-3142 (voice)


Riverside Campus (Room 8138)

223-6262 (voice)


223-6252 (TTY)

Student Activities

The Student Activities Office sponsors a variety of co-and extracurricular activities at all ACC campuses as well as social and cultural events throughout the year. In addition, the Student Activities Office offers Basic and Advanced Leadership Retreats as well as The Leadership Edge to assist students to develop their leadership skills.

Student Clubs and Organizations

ACC encourages all students to participate in at least one of the social, service or interest organizations on the various campuses. During orientation, all new students are given an opportunity to indicate an interest in joining one or more campus organizations. Currently enrolled students may contact the Student Activities Office on their campus for information about joining campus clubs and organizations. Clubs and organizations currently recognized by ACC are:

Accounting Student Association
African American Student Organization
American Design Drafting Association
Associate Degree Nursing Student Association
Association of Student Surgical Technicians
Austin Paralegal Association
Austin Society for Semiconductor and Electronic Technicians
Baha’i Faith
Being OurSelves Successfully
Business Student Association
Campus Crusade for Christ
Creative Writing Student Association
Cyber Society
Deaf Student Association
Hispanic Student Association
International Student Association
Journalism Club
Latin American Student Organization
Math Club
Medical Laboratory Technology Student Organization
Nuestra Tertulia
Overachievers Forum
Peer Players
Phi Theta Kappa
Physical Therapists Assistants Association
Point In Line Fencing
Science Club
Student Art Association
Student Leadership Association
Student Vocational Nursing Association

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) provides the students of Austin Community College with a voice in promoting, regulating, and coordinating activities that may impact the entire community. SGA also helps ACC create a learning environment inside and outside the classroom that increases the chances that students will reach their career and educational goals.

Students’ Role in College Decision-Making

The participation of students in ACC’s decision-making process is an important institutional value. Participation occurs in many ways: program and instructor evaluation, dialogues with the Board, participation in focus groups, the Student Government Association, and the Student Activity Fee Committee. During orientation, new students receive information about SGA and are asked to indicate their interest in participating as a member of this group. SGA representatives are appointed as voting members to many college-wide and campus-specific committees where they influence decisions on a variety of issues from the budget to the registration process to the remodeling of college facilities.

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