ACC General Catalog 1999-2000


Registration Procedures

Semester-Credit Registration

Registration is permitted only on the days listed in the official college calendar. ACC reserves the right to alter registration dates when appropriate. Registration procedures are published as part of the course schedule each semester and listed on the web. Students who apply and register early will have a better selection of courses.

All non-U.S.A. citizens and Resident Alien students must see the International Student Adviser prior to every registration.

Students must complete all the steps of the registration process. In order to be officially registered, payment must be received by the published due date. Students may attend only the classes for which they are officially registered.

Short Semester Registration

Short Semester registration makes it possible for students to enroll in courses after regular and late registrations have ended. During each long session, one short semester registration is offered. These normally occur in September and February. For short semester registration dates, consult the current college calendar.

A limited number of on-campus and Open Campus Telecommunications based courses are offered during these special registrations. A complete list may be obtained at any ACC Admissions Office or from the Open Campus Office one week prior to each registration.

Short semester courses carry the same tuition, charges, and credit as those offered during regular registrations.

ACC reserves the right to cancel a short semester registration in the event there are not enough available courses to warrant separate registrations. Call (512) 223-8026 or toll-free 1-888-223-8026 for more information.

Telephone Registration

ACC offers registration by telephone for new college credit students who have completed the application, orientation, and advising processes and are eligible to telephone register. Former and/or current students in good standing also may register by telephone. Phone registration is available for Continuing Education students who pay with credit cards. Consult the course schedule for specific process steps and payment procedures for telephone registration.

Tuition and Fees

Residence Requirements, Semester-Credit Programs

The State of Texas requires new students to sign an affidavit certifying their legal residence at the time of enrollment. Returning ACC students who have not attended ACC in a year or more must re-certify residency status prior to re-enrollment.

Students must prove to the satisfaction of the Admissions and Records Office that they are entitled to be classified as a resident of Texas.

The responsibility for registering under the proper residence classification is that of the student, and questions concerning his or her right to classification as a resident of Texas must be clarified with the Admissions and Records Office prior to enrollment at Austin Community College.

All tuition and fees are subject to change without notice. When registering by phone, all deadlines for payment set forth in the current Fall, Spring, Summer or short semester course schedule must be observed. All tuition and fees must be paid at the time of enrollment. No partial payments will be accepted unless a contract for payment of tuition in installments has been signed. A student is not officially registered until payment is made in full. Until all financial obligations to the College have been satisfied, a student cannot register, graduate, or have a transcript issued.

Tuition-Semester-Credit Courses

Legal resident of the State of Texas residing in Austin Community College District:

$24 per semester hour with a minimum of $25 per semester.

Legal resident of the State of Texas not residing in Austin Community College District:

Fall 1999

$63 per semester hour

Spring 2000

$65 per semester hour

Summer 2000

$67 per semester hour

Legal resident of another state:

Fall 1999

$141 per semester hour with a minimum of $200 per semester

Spring 2000

$143 per semester hour with a minimum of $200 per semester

Summer 2000

$145 per semester hour per session

Non-resident alien:

Fall 1999

$141 per semester hour with a minimum of $200 per semester

Spring 2000

$143 per semester hour with a minimum of $200 per semester

Summer 2000

$145 per semester hour per session


Audit (non-credit student):

Tuition and fees same as for a credit student. Auditing students register on the last day of telephone registration.



In addition to tuition, the following fees are required as applicable (fees are not refundable, unless noted as refundable):

1. Building fee, semester-credit students (per semester hour)(See Refund Policy) $11.00
2. Catalog fee (per copy) 2.00
3. Compass as a TASP Alternative29.00
4. Copy of academic record, or file document 5.00
5. Course challenge fee $10.00/credit hour, minimum 30.00
6. Extended field trip fee for courses. To be determined at registration
7. GED testing per test (Plus 10.00 TEA fee with 2nd test) 6.00
8. Identification Card Replacement fee 4.00
9. International Student non-refundable application fee 100.00
10. Installment plan fee 10.00
11. Graduation fee 8.00 (Students choosing to participate in graduation ceremonies will purchase caps and gowns from the ACC Bookstore for approximately 15.00)
12. Laboratory fee (per laboratory course) (refundable) $8.00 unless otherwise specified
13. Learning Resource Services fees Overdue Reserves, first hour 1.00
Two-hour Reserves, each hour thereafter .25
Other Reserves, per day $1.00
Overdue items other than Reserves, per day .25
Lost/damaged materials
Cost of item plus accrued fines plus processing fee of $10.00 for cataloged items and reserve books, $5.00 for other items.
LRS Courtesy Borrowers Card, per calendar year 25.00
14. MICU rotation fee required of all Emergency Medical Services Technology (formerly Paramedic Technology) students. EMS 1408 Fees will vary per site (per Fall, Spring and Summer Semesters) EMS 1607 $100.00
EMS 2608 and EMS 2807 fee $100.00
15. Parking Fee 10.00
16.Parking permit replacement fee 10.00
17. Racquetball facility fee 30.00
18. Registration fee (per semester or quarter) 25.00
19. Replacement fees certificate of completion (Community Resources and Services) 3.00
diploma 10.00
paid receipt 5.00
parking hang tag fee 10.00
20. Returned check fee; credit card chargeback fee 25.00
21. Refund reprocessing fee 25.00
22. Schedule change fee (student initiated changes). 10.00
23. Student Accident Insurance-required for specific programs only (refundable only if course is cancelled by ACC) 4.00
24. Student liability insurance, required of all health science (except EMS) and Human Services internship students (per semester) 10.00
25. Student liability insurance, required of all Emergency Medical Services Technology (formerly Paramedic Technology) students (per semester) 35.00
26. Student services fee (per student per semester) 3.00
27. Testing fee for non-ACC student (career assessment test) 15.00
28. Transcript of record fee (per copy) 5.00
(District Admissions Office only) 10.00
29. Transcript of record fee (per copy) Continuing Education 5.00
Fees are subject to change.

Student Accident Insurance Policy

ACC has obtained accidental injury insurance coverage for credit-hour and continuing education students enrolling in the following classes. Premium charges vary from $0.35 per day for some continuing education classes to $8.00 per semester for some credit-hour classes. The appropriate insurance fee is automatically added to the students' fee bill at the time of registration. The classes requiring insurance coverage are:

Class I Refrigeration (HVAC)
Automotive Repair
Drama 1713 Theatre Workshop
Drama 1711 Theatre Workshop
Drama 1712 Theatre Workshop
Home Entertainment Systems
Power Mechanics: Small Engines
Outdoor Education
High Angle Rescue
Building Construction
Commercial Art
Drama 1673 - Stagecraft
Drama 1683 - Introduction to Costume
Power Mechanics: Marine Engines
Power Mechanics: Motorcycle Repair
Beginning Art Welding
Class II EMT
Physical Therapy Asst.
Medical Lab Tech.
Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
Paramedic Technology
Registered Nurse
Radiological Tech.
Surgical Tech.
Occupational Therapist
Class III Advanced Skills Woodwork
Hand Plane Fundamentals Seminar
Plywood Joinery
Veneering Seminar
Wood Sculpture
RVS Auto Shop
Furniture Design
Furniture Joinery
Hardwood Joinery
Power Tool Maintenance
Wood Lathe Fundamentals
Auto Maintenance & Tuneup
Auto Brakes Maintenance
Kitchen Cabinetry
Class IV Tree Maintenance II
English Horseback Riding
Western Horseback Riding
Beginning Scuba
Gymnastics I
Gymnastics II
Class V Advanced Scuba
Ropes Rescue

A copy of the insurance policy may be obtained by writing to: Austin Community College, Office of Risk Management & Insurance, 5930 Middle Fiskville Road, Austin, Texas 78752-4390.



Refund of Tuition and Fees, Semester-Credit Courses

A. Withdrawal from Institution. Students who officially withdraw from the institution shall have their tuition and selected fees refunded according to the following schedule:

1.Fall and Spring Semesters

Prior to the first class day 100%
During the first fifteen class days 70%
During the sixteenth through twentieth class days 25%
After the twentieth class day NONE

2.Summer Sessions

Prior to the first class day 100%
During the first five class days 70%
During the sixth and seventh class days 25%
After the seventh class day NONE

3.Short Semester Courses

Please check the course schedule or with the Admissions and Records Office for withdrawal dates and refunds for short semester courses.

NOTE: "Class days" refers to consecutive scheduled days of class for the entire college. The $25.00 registration fee and $3.00 student service fee shall be retained by the College, unless the institution cancels all of the student's classes.

B. Additional Refund Provisions

1. To receive a refund of tuition and fees, students must withdraw by the official dates published in the college calendar.
2. Except for reimbursements for canceled classes, it is the student's responsibility to initiate the refund request either by using the college telephone registration system during the schedule change period or in writing at one of the Admissions and Records offices on the campuses.
3. Students may expect to receive their refunds for the fall or spring semester within six to eight weeks from the 12th class day, or the 4th class day for a summer session.
4. Students who paid by MasterCard, VISA, DISCOVER or American Express and are entitled to a refund will have their charge card credited for the refund amount.
NOTICE: Paying by charge card is a method of payment elected by the student; therefore, ACC is not responsible for interest charges that might be charged to a student's account while the refund is being processed.
5. Tuition and fees paid directly to the college by a sponsor or scholarship shall be refunded to the source rather than directly to the student.
6. When a student's required tuition and fees are charged to a financial aid account, the student may not receive a refund if: a. the financial aid authorized results in an over-award due to reduction of hours or withdrawal from the institution prior to the cutoff dates established each semester; or
b. the student is indebted to the institution.
7. In order to receive a refund, the student must go through an official withdrawal procedure and obtain clearance signatures from the ACC Financial Aid Office and any other office to which s/he is indebted. If there is a balance after the student clears these accounts, s/he will be eligible to receive the balance.
8. Students who withdraw from the school without completing their proof of Texas residency requirements are still subject to being billed for out-of-state fees.
9. Refunds are considered schedule changes and may be subjected to a $10.00 change fee.
10. A request for the re-issue of a lost or stolen refund check must be made within two years of the issue date of the original check.

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