ACC General Catalog 1999-2000

Open Campus

The Open Campus provides access to courses via distance learning and telecommunications-based courses. Telecommunications-based courses offer students an opportunity to earn college credit by participating in a variety of non-classroom oriented courses. The content and transferability to four-year colleges is the same as courses offered on campus. Students follow the same admissions and registration procedures as on-campus students. Instead of attending on-campus classes, students participate in an orientation session, complete readings in texts and study guides, take periodic exams, and, in some cases write papers or reports. Exams are taken at ACC Testing Centers. Each course also has an instructor for students to contact when they need assistance.

For some courses, students use their personal computers and modems to access the Internet and email. For other computer-based courses, students may use ACC computer labs and/or software.

Pre-recorded telecourses require the regular viewing of professionally-produced video programs, either at home on cable television or in area libraries.

ACC also offers live televised instruction courses. Some are shown on various cable TV channels and students can call in questions and comments during class. Other live interactive classes are held at numerous campuses and centers. Students will be required to participate in a mandatory orientation session for telecommunications-based courses. Check the current Course Schedule to learn how to obtain orientation information. For general information and new Open Campus course offerings, see the current ACC Course Schedule, visit or call (512) 223-8026, toll-free 1-888-223-8026 or email with your questions

 Correspondence Courses

Austin Community College does not offer correspondence courses. Distance learning telecommunications-based courses which enable students to work at home and take tests in ACC Testing Centers are offered.


The Open Campus office manages the College's teleconferencing program. Video and audio conferences are offered at College sites on a wide variety of subjects throughout the year. Call 2238070 for either a list of upcoming teleconferencing events or information about how local groups can use the College's teleconferencing facilities.


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